No Higher Power: Obama's War on Religion, You 'gays' team up with these wingnuts and be sure to VOTE REPUBLICAN

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    Jul 20, 2012 3:22 PM GMT
    This from another far right rag, the Townhall, promoting Phyllis Schlafly's fear mongering book about Obama's 'WAR ON RELIGION".

    The Obama administration's overreaching and pervasive secularist policies represent the greatest government-directed assault on religious freedom in American history. So argues conservative leader Phyllis Schlafly and journalist George Neumayr. In No Higher Power, Schlafly and Neumayr show how Obama is waging war on our religious liberties and actively working to create one nation under him rather than one nation under God.

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    ''Obama views traditional religion as a temporary opiate for the poor, confused, and jobless -- a drug that will dissipate as the federal government assumes more God-like powers, and his new secularist beliefs and policies gain adherents,'' write Schlafly and Neumayr.

    From cutting funding for religious schools to Obama's deliberate omission of God and religion in public speeches to his assault on the Catholic Church, No Higher Power is a shocking and comprehensive look at how Obama is violating one of our most fundamental rights -- and remaking our country into a nation our Founding Fathers would hardly recognize.

    For four years Barack Obama has waged an unparalleled attack—largely undocumented by the mainstream media—on religious liberty in the United States. Never before has an administration been more convinced that there is no higher power than itself: one nation under Obama. In this stunning new book, veteran conservative lawyer, activist, and commentator Phyllis Schlafly and reporter George Neumayr reveal the greatest assault on American liberty in our time—the Obama administration's war on religious freedom.

    In No Higher Power you'll learn:
    •Why a second Obama term could spell the end of Catholic hospitals and the court-martialing of Christian military chaplains
    •How the Obama administration is stripping conscience protections for pro-life doctors and nurses—forcing them to either assist in abortions or quit medicine
    •How the Obama administration sought to ban Bibles from military hospitals and prohibit invocations of Jesus Christ at military funerals
    •Why even Justice Elena Kagan—an Obama appointee to the Supreme Court—was shocked by the Obama administration's dictating employment policy at a Lutheran church
    •How Obama is defying federal law in the Defense of Marriage Act
    •How liberal Christians like Jim Wallis have acted as useful idiots for Obama's war on Christianity—and how the Catholic Left in Chicago actually helped pay for Obama's training as a disciple of the radical Saul Alinsky
    •Why the Obama administration coddles Islam while actively discriminating against Christians and Jews

    In No Higher Power, Schlafly and Neumayr expose the Obama administration's brazen disregard for the First Amendment, its relentless purging of religion from our public life, and the even more chilling persecution of religion set to come.

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    These are the Authors and their readers that we 'gay' republicans are teaming up with when voting Republican. After all, These are the people influencing and pushing Republican to historic far right 'depths'.
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    Jul 20, 2012 3:52 PM GMT
    I thought Phyllis died years ago.

    That's how much attention we should be morons of that ilk.