I'm pretty certain I need to change my diet, drastically so, and I decided to take a look at a nutritionist/dietitian who can custom fit a meal plan that'll work for me. (My appetite is pathetic, and most meal I've found leave me with one of two thoughts. How can people eat that much, or do I really eat so little?)

However a dietitian would end up being way over my budget(One consultation would be 35% of one pay check icon_neutral.gif). I've heard the words just eat, make an effort, you need to sacrifice some things... etc. EAT >=O. To which I respond with "I hate eating". No I don't think I'm fat, or fast if I'm hungry I eat. Otherwise I don't. Which isn't going to help me achieve my current goal. A lot of people point me towards protein shakes but warn I should watch out since I could get fat if I don't use them right.

The more I think about it, the more frustrated I get with the cost of health related services I get. However I digress.


I need some type of alternative to figure out what I need to eat, how much of it, and why I'm eating what I'm eating.(Besides current goal weight)