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    Jul 23, 2012 9:49 PM GMT
    Looking for an affordable personal trainer in Atlanta who will be understanding, compassionate, and know what he's talking about in terms of nutrition and cardio. Not looking for an online trainer as I think I need the motivation (at least for starters of someone in person)...I am dealing with a few health conditions so its important to have someone knowledgable and patient. I honestly don't know what I am PHYSICALLY ABLE to do right now, especially because I have low energy most of the time as well as some lower back issues.

    All my life people have told me I have a body that 'would respond well' to exercise but Ive never seen any benefits (whether its physical or emotional i.e. those pesky endorphins) when Ive exercised. I recently had gained a little weight due to medications - although everyone still told me I was skinny...but Id like to get rid of those love handles so Ive been at least trying to diet and have lost almost 15 lbs...Im now at 6ft 186...but those love handles don't disappear.

    Anyway, its more complicated than it sounds...I don't want to have to join a gym to get a trainer as i have cardio equipment in my condo as well as as some weights in my condo gym and my own basement.

    Who knows? Maybe this post will lead to something...And if it does, we'll see if Im ready to make that change.

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    Jul 23, 2012 11:16 PM GMT
    Sorry to say but all personal trainers are expensive whether they are in Atlanta, Charlotte, Cleveland, Buffalo or in any suburb or in any small town/rural area. All personal trainers cost a small fortune. icon_sad.gif
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    Jun 01, 2014 7:52 PM GMT
    Not all but many, especially if they are good. But was hoping someone nice might read this. Its more for medical reasons than just vanity as Im dealing with multiple illnesses right now and unable to work for the time being...But hey, everyone needs to make a living I know. And many trainers are hooked into gyms and not going to pay for a gym membership in addition when I already have access. Just wanted someone to at least get me started - see what I can physically do vs what is just a mental block, and also make sure Ive got a good program to get results because whenever Ive been on an exercise program, I never feel endorphins, I never see changes and I eventually stop.