Stopped a public brawl yesterday , now looking back the attacker could haved stabbed me when i was helping the family get away from him.

Saw a guy surrounded by his family being attacked by a bigger guy, the attacker was this hispanic dude 5'10 toned built by the looks of it, he was just punching and verbally abusing this Islander guy on the ground, the victims family were screaming for help.

The Girlfriend's attacker was just standing their not even trying to stop her BF, i pulled the guy from the ground shouted to his family to get behind me and go up the stairs of the school, the victim's mom was in a state of shock , her sister told me the attacker went up to her doing some obscene gesture, and trying to fight her or no reason . ( The dad and her bro stepped in to stop the asshole , but ended up being over powered by him ) . I Stood in between the attacker and the family pushing his chest with my hand and shouting " the cops are on their way, which they were cause i called 911 and placed the phone in my pocket so i could stop the attacker ).

The attacker pushed me back, i stood my ground keeping him at arms length preventing him from reaching the guys he was attacking,. Both parties were exchanging verbal insults, and trying to go at it again,. I told them both the stop and walk away.

In the end the attacker threw a street cone at the family but missed, he walked down towards union square with his gf, the incident lasted at least a good 20 minutes.

The family thanked me, and told them they could make a report if they wanted, but guess they were to freaked out by it and the older bro was bleeding from the lip pretty badly.

To those who were filming......................please send ur video to SFPD, it happened on powell street front of an Art School. thanks