Questions about a protein powder, a mass gainer and a testosterone booster.

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    Jul 24, 2012 9:48 PM GMT
    Okay, so yeah I'm new to this website and I'm writing this post in order to try and find one of the best supplements to gain muscle mass.
    So, I got a few questions about supplements! Well, actually, about 3 products made the same company: Mutant.

    Mutant Gainer:
    I don't think that this one is really all that good, 'cause it has a lot of calories. 52g of protein for about 1000 calories in a 4-scoop serving (220g). I think this mass gainer will make you larger, but not only by increasing your muscle mass, but also by making you fat, with all those calories... I wonder if it's good or not.

    And I don't want to get fat, I just want to gain muscle mass, obviously.

    Tell me what you think about it !

    Mutant Protein:
    Like all other whey protein products they say theirs is the best, etc....
    I didn't care about it at first, but I read somewhere that Mutant (the company) got 8 awards in a year for most of there products, so it got my attention and it has almost the same amount of calories and protein grams like other protein shake products from other companies.

    So, if you know if this one REALLY is in fact better than any of the others around, please tell me about it.

    Mutant Test:
    I had never heard about this kind of product before. It's called a testosterone booster and It's supposed to give you a testosterone boost of 370%. I read somewhere about it on the company's website that all its ingredients are natural, and that you must take up to 5 pills in the morning with water'' (I'm assuming that they mean before breakfast, since they say to take in on an empty stomach after waking up.)

    Really ? A 370% boost ? I wonder... I'd like to know what is in this thing and if it really makes a difference or not.

    I saw all these products on websites and magasines... So if someone with some expertise in this could help me out about these products and tell me if they really deserve those 8 awards and if they're good or not, I'd really appreciate it !

    Thank you very much in advance !!
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    Jul 25, 2012 2:05 AM GMT
    I hear those testo-boosters advertised on Sirius radio all day long (many sleazo ads on there)......I think its baloney. Its a prescription product for a reason! I doubt it would help gain muscle on a guy who is young and already has a heathly testo level.

    Daily visits to the gym......and seek out the serious bodybuilders for tips on products..........they may have as many opinions as there are bodybuilders.
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    Jul 25, 2012 2:59 AM GMT
    You stimulate testosterone and HGH releases by lifting in the hypertrophy realm which means you need to fail at the lift somewhere between 6-12 rep range (remember always use a spotter when lifting to failure with free weights). Your largest muscle groups are in your lower body, your back is also key so don't get caught in the trap of focusing only on chest, delts and abs. Your body is efficient, you don't need synthetic aids in order for it to adapt to the stress that you're putting it through.

    All of the OTC supplement stuff is meant to mimic testosterone, but it hasn't been proven that it helps with anything and it's also not proven to be safe. (The FDA doesn't investigate "supplements" until there is a problem).

    W/ protein supplements, it's impossible to pick and choose what you gain when you're eating excessive calories no matter what the source. Protein isn't the end all that people crack it up to be. Too much wreaks havoc on your kidneys, and yes you will store it as fat. It is a good idea to take in 20-30 g of a complete protein after you work out, but you can get that from a whole food source for a fraction of the cost of some bodybuilder magazine hyped supplement.

    All in all, people were bodybuilding long before the supplement industry decided to cash into people's laziness. Lifting smart, educating yourself on proper form and how the body works will take you much further than any supplement.
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    Jul 25, 2012 3:11 AM GMT
    Having tried gainers before, I say, stick with lean protein products. There's no point in gaining fat. It seemed to actually shift my body type a bit when I went on them for 3-6 months. I used to be able to eat anything I wanted and never gain fat. After going on them, I now have to add in cardio to keep trim and watch my carb intake. While this could just be aging, I'd still highly suggest staying far away from the gainers.

    If you want a good testosterone booster, go for Tribulus. It doesn't contain a whole lot of crazy additives, and my experience has been that it always elevates mine, without any risk that steroids have associated with them. It will increase your sex drive, and irritability/aggressiveness. I'd certainly suggest you read up on it, and make your own call. It may be best to cycle it a bit. 2 weeks on, 1 week off, or something similar. Oh and the best way to naturally increase your testosterone are heavy legs days...