Water Weight?

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    Jul 26, 2012 1:26 AM GMT
    I'm not sure where to have posted this, and I am not talking about Creatine either.. This comparison might be confusing, but you'll get the picture.

    During the hot summer months, my cows will dehydrate fast. When cattle do not get enough water, the area behind their stomach and below their hip bones, sink in, concaving making them look skinny.

    Now that you hear that, does the same work with people? People who drink a lot more water see more filling out? I know taking Creatine, you drink a lot of water to gain water weight in your muscles, but the same principals apply without doesn't it?

    P.S. Sorry for weird comparison, but it was all I could think of... Cows of course icon_cool.gif
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    Jul 26, 2012 3:39 AM GMT
    MuchoMasQueMusculo saidCows are ruminants and have a much more complex digestive system than humans. I'm not sure how well electrolytes affect ruminants but as I recall cows typically have access to salt licks in order to ingest some sodium to help retain fluid and thus assist in the prevention of dehydration. Do you do this with your cows? Moo!

    For humans, electrolyte balance can have a big effect on fluid retention or lack thereof. When bodybuilders prepare for a competition and on the day of the competition they dangerously manipulate their electrolytes/fluid balance in order to get that "dry" super ripped look which typically lasts for a few hours. A few men have died from cardiac arrest due to mismanaging their fluid balance by taking too much medication/diuretics.

    I think you're asking if it's possible if reducing fluid buildup will allow a person to look more lean and defined? Is that what you're asking? Cuz if so then the answer is yes.

    Models have ingested diuretics to lose water weight and look more sinewy and have also used Preparation H (hemorrhoid cream) on certain body parts to reduce fluid retention in areas like the stomach, lower back and under eye area (bags).

    I getcha. Could it work the opposite of how you descirbed? Ingesting a lot more water makes a person take on more water qeight in their muscles?

    And yes.. I pamper my cows, of course they et salt blocks haha
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    Jul 26, 2012 11:40 AM GMT

    more water intake wont affect a healthy natural person. water retention is the amount of water that your body chooses to store, not the amount contained in yourdigestive system. retention is determined by your state of hyrdation, or differing hormone levels, sodium level, carb intake, and the list really does go on and on.
    in the case of a normal healthy person, there is no need to consider water retention as a factor for weight gain or loss.
    in the case of dehydration, again aslong as the severity is mild, ie as would change on a warm day, after excersize etc the difference would be slight and un-noticable. it is in the cse of extremes, eg bodybuilders with extremely low bf % that the change would be more noticable, and that is because of the lack of bodyfat not the water itself.
    it is simply not a factor for most healthy people
    hope that helps