Something for the rest of the weekend in NY. icon_wink.gif

29 Le Petit Versailles | 346 East Houston Street | 7:30PM
Hail the New Puritan, Charles Atlas – This exhilarating and unclassifiable portrait of dancer Michael Clark is an immersion in the music, art and fashion of the 80s London queer underground.

30Eastern Bloc | 505 East 6th Street #1 | 10PM – 4AM
Various Titles, Fred Halsted – Halsted's films are the only hardcore titles in the permanent collection at MoMA. Features include LA Plays Itself, A Night At Halsted's and films in which Halsted appeared as an actor.

31 Heather's | 506 East 13th Street | 10PM – 2AM
YOUTUBE XXXtrava-GANZA, Teams – Remember back in the day when Queer Eye was a "thing" – and the fact that it was a hit was a gigantic surprise? Now everyone loves RuPaul. How has that media breakthrough of gay cultural presence trickled down to YouTube.