HI Lien,
I have some news for you!
Yesterday we heard from M, the young lady who the story Ivy Emerald was written for when she was 13, and is now 19. I had sent her the story again, along with the medallion made by the local artist and the fine drawing you did for that story.
She lives up country, and it took a week.
What a changed young lady! She is now working full time as a Veterinary assistant, but is quitting and is packing to move down to Vancouver to Capilano University as she's been accepted in film.
Your drawn picture, the story (which she remembered) and the medallion blew her away. She was full of chat and laughter, warmth and excitement about it, and about her upcoming move.
She asked to say THANK YOU to you for what you did, and so this topic/post, which we hope finds you well.

...a big thank you as well from me, for your remarkable act of kindness.