i was aving a discussion with a friend today about the merits (few and far between) and the many,many,many,many.... flaws of a "regime" like thatcherism. obviously i am refering to the iron ladys attempt at rescuing the middle classes from having to contribute some discomfort to the disasterous 70"s england.

anyway this got me thinking about how it is almost impossible to make a significant political change in policy or law, without affecting future generations to an unknowable degree. quite a scary thought i think.

post 9/11 america is a prime exapmle of falling fast down in the opinion of foreigners (albeit usually fairly ignorant to the facts of the preceeding events)

this led to my question,

what do you think about britain? what image do we portray to foreigners?

i dont mind if it a politically astute and accurate opinion of our current global position.

or just your own personal opinion entirely based on bias and media battering (fox news stories will be ignored) jkjk lol

or anything in between i suppose,

so ...?