Left knee has been bothering me after a long run

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    Aug 01, 2012 6:32 AM GMT
    Out of my own stupidity of not having run consistently for weeks, Sunday I went out and pretty much had a huge long run that was about 10 miles. Now my left knee bothers me when I sprint. It doesn't hurt when I jog or when I do squats, deadlift, or step ups. Pretty much only hurts when I need to really pound it. I've always been blessed with very little injuries but on the flip side, this also made me very inexperienced when it comes to dealing with injuries. The most I've dealth with is muscle soreness. Any ideas what I can do with my knee? Ice it? Then put heat on?

    Much appreciated icon_smile.gif

    Does that mean I shouldn't run for a while?! I hope not icon_sad.gif
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    Aug 01, 2012 2:38 PM GMT
    You didn't say whether or not you're normally a consistent runner, so I'll go on the idea that you aren't icon_biggrin.gif.

    Most injuries from running (knee, foot, etc) can be dealt with from simple anti inflammatory meds along with ice immediately after running. Some types of knee injuries (foot as well, but since you're not asking about that, we'll skip it) need more attention.

    First, have you had your gait (the way you walk/run) looked at by a professional before buying shoes? Sometimes people get what is called "runners knee" because of the way they run. It's basically where your knee scrapes along the side of it's normal "groove" and causes pain. It's an easy fix, but you need to figure out why it's happening. Your best bet is to go to a professional running shoe store, have them analyze your run to see how your feet land, and show you what shoes are best for you.

    Orthotics wouldn't be a bad idea either. Just make sure to get full-length and not the kind that end at the arch if you go that route.

    You said it doesn't hurt to run/jog right now, but until you get it under control I wouldn't recommend anymore longish runs. Try to stick below a 10k a day if you must run, and get it looked at in the meantime.

    Biking is a great alternative to running if you have that option. It will allow you to get your cardio in, as well as keep your joints from the added pressure you are putting on them until you find out why your knee is hurting.

    Best of luck, and let us know how it goes!!
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    Aug 01, 2012 7:23 PM GMT
    Thx buddy. That was super helpful! Much appreciated. icon_biggrin.gif

    (to answer your first query I normally run 3-4 miles a day, every other day. I dunno if that qualifies me as a "runner" haha)

    I didn't know that there are professional who analyze your run. That is awesome to know! icon_smile.gif