Witnessing the perpetuation.

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    Aug 06, 2012 5:40 AM GMT
    I was visiting some family over the weekend and was sitting watching the news with children in the room. A news broadcast about gay marriage and equal rights came on. It showed two women peck kissing, then two men peck kissing, also hugging. plus rainbow flags..etc. It was plain old love to me. Some adults overheard and they just shook their heads. The kids(6,9 year olds) however frowned and said "Ew that is so gross , two men kissing..yuk.and the women too..ewww" Typically if they were straight people kissing they would say "OOoooo" giggle and blush. But this was diferent. The sound and expression of discust as if a dog pooped in the room was the basic feeling they emoted. The hateful expressions on their faces was so apparent that I got so angry inside. Yes I know they are just children, but I was more bothered with the parenting result. I know its their parents fault but it just makes me upset to see chidlren so young already prepped for hate. I guess because they were relatives made it hurt more. I rarely visit family because of how they are, but witnessing this perpetuation just really ruined my evening because I always believe that kids are our future. Meaning "mankinds future". What can one really do when hate is perpetuated in childen by closeminded parents?
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    Aug 06, 2012 5:47 AM GMT
    Thus the old say ... ignorance, breeds ignorance

    Kids learn to mimic their parents or older siblings ... Hate never dies, but with time, what is learnt' can be unlearnt'