Up until really recently; there was a huge tobacco stained elephant in my living room.

I totally take excellent care of myself; except for ....uhh; what's that smell???

I dsciplined myself; with a dedication to reality, to the point of "poisoning myself as little as possible"....I smoked Lights, 100's, and just took a few hits. "I Just need nicotine to function that's all; I am too hyper for common humans to deal with."

I have hated cigarettes for a long time. It's only reasonable however, to consider the immediate effects on ohters around me, and the consequences of chokin' someone who commits the slightest offense. Like Jekyll and Hyde; I become the person you would need to be, to have your best friend ask you to start smoking again.

Chantix - is the drug that the mystery ad on TV is talking about. It is a new assistance in the form of a nicotine blocker. It shuts down your brains ability to need nicotine. You can smoke all the cigarettes you want, they won't do a thing for ya. You can go without smoking a cigarrette and it won't bother you at all. You just gotta find something to do with yourself, with all the extra time on your hands.

I am using an 'iceberg' metaphor. I have to manage and marshall myself above the water level, and the mind altering chemical takes care of the would be pathetic mess, beneath the surface. Just gotta keep my head up and look out for luxury liners!

A Naturopath, who has not truly edified herself specifically; surmised that it, 'has to be', a sythetic nicotine molecule that has been altered to be non addictive (already forgot to take it once - "no prob"); and also it is designed to be very sticky in the brain. Little pill; big effect.

Yeah it's a drug, not a vitamin. The first couple days, are a little weird, but, it's certainly not invasion of the body snatchers. I know two people who have cut the dose in half by only taking one of the two pill per day dose, because they felt like they slept better, and didn't have such "vivid dreams"....I like vivid dreams!!!

I am of a mind that my gastro intestinal is a little slowed, and I am kinda extra farty....but, as a side effect, it is mild enough to have me hoping it's the drug and not the next phase of gastro 'aging in general'. I will; as a gentleman; remove myself from society. Nobles Oblige.

I was very highly addicted to nicotine, and really pretty resolved to a "three weeks of hell backpacking trip" to get nicotine out of me.I am sure; my friends would've dutifully tied me to a tree, and left me to scream at myself, and the tree spirits. Chantix is a better choice - I haven't had a cigarette in about two weeks and I have been on it for about three and half. I am managing my business as well as I normally do; and no one is dead.

It is spendy - but your friends will loan you money cuz you stink, and they pity you.

To obtain the miracle; you gotta get a note from your doctor.
I am sure it will be easier to get soon though. The company has surely promised fat azz profit levels to the stockholders. So there will be some Canadian way of gettin' it by and by......