Sweatshop Protestors Project Anti-Adidas Video on Olympic Park Building



Many years ago, there was a program that investigated the factories that Nike shoes are made. The workers were mistreated, forced to work too many hours, and they were hit on the head with a shoe if they made a mistake. Nike executives had a laissez faire attitude about it and ever since then, whenever I see that swish logo, I think of workers being hit on the head with shoes. Many people over the years have criticized the company and they finally worked on it a little.However, the practices of mistreatment still continue today. I still think that Nike could do much better than they are. How difficult is it to require that this type of mistreatment not happen to the workers in these factories.If they showed them that they would stop working with companies that treat their workers badly, then I believe that the practices would mostly stop.

And then you have New Balance, which is donating money to fund attack ads for the Republicans.