Dilemma, need some advice

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    Aug 08, 2012 11:40 PM GMT
    Hey guys! So I had kind of a wierd experience yesterday and would like some advice on it.
    I work at a theater box office, and I am part of a greater group/body known as the "front of house.' Usually the front of house can get along very well with many of the actors that do shows here. I met an one of the more recent actors here a few days back; we introduced ourselves to each other and that was really. He seems like a cool, down to earth, chill, tall, and pretty cute guy.
    Yesterday, out of no where he comes up to me and asks if I know how to play chess. I say no, but my coworker next to me, who is a girl, says she knows and would love to help him learn. The guy then says he already knows how to play play but wanted to play a game with me. My coworker and I both thought that this conversation was random and weird.
    He leaves and comes back a while later and goes on some weird conversation about how he gets feelings for chess pieces as if they were people and such. At this moment in my mind I'm thinking "what the hell is this dude going on about." He then asks me if I would like to play chess with him some time. I say no. He says "okay" and is about to leave.
    Yet, as he starts to leave, I blurt out: "I know how to play checkers..."
    Him: "I like checkers! Here let me give you my number and when you have some free time you should hit me up and we can play checkers."
    He gives me his number and leaves. I am now thinking to myself: "Wait, did he just ask me out?"
    My manager from the back says: Yeah, you know he was flirting with you right?
    (NOTE: my manager didn't completely notice who the guy was.)
    Now I'm pretty interested. He passes by another time and I say: Oh, hey, I actually do have a chess board at home, we could play...
    Him: Really, well I like to play a lot of different games. I have a lot of free time here, and the work I do isn't very energetic or I aggressive. I wouldn't mind playing some energetic games.
    Me: Cool!
    (I think we all know what he is referring to here icon_wink.gif )
    We set to go out and “play a game” on Friday.
    So know I'm pretty stoked. My first date with a guy ever. I didn't even know he was gay/bi! How did he find out I was bi? I was so nervous and excited! Also, this was the first time anyone asked ME out. I am usually the asker-outer, so now I'm on the other end of of the stick.

    Now, the interesting part. Aside from this, in the morning we had a police officer stop by to see if anyone dialed 911. We said "no" and assumed it was an accident because our manager in the back was having some trouble with the phone and probably hit 911 on accident.
    Then later that day another officer stopped by again and said they were here for a psych evaluation. We were puzzled and sent them to our offices right next to us.
    My manager went to check on the situation. She came back, I asked her what it was about and she says:
    I don't think you should go out with him, he seems he might be a bit crazy. He seemed he had some incidents in the past few days where he wasn't taking his medication (or something...)

    So now I feel blown. I was totally excited one minute, the next feeling kinda freaked out and kinda depressed.
    I don't know what I should do. If this is true, I don't want to go out with the dude, though I feel bad for him. I want to go and get more information on what happened. Should I? I don't want to make a situation worse nor seem like I'm desperate.
    Should I go out with him? I'm thinking nothing is going to happen If we just hangout, but if the police were called for some "incidents"... Should I text him and say I'm not coming,? He gave me his number but I didn't give him mine. I don't want to keep him hanging on Friday.
    If feel kinda bad for the guy also, though I'm not even 100% sure if it was really him she was talking about .
    Anyone have any advice? Anybody been in a position like this before?
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    Aug 09, 2012 12:13 AM GMT
    Any advice at all?
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    Aug 09, 2012 12:52 AM GMT
    Those are what I call... warning signs. Dating people you work with already carries a big risk but throw in psyc meds, him not taking his psyc meds, "incidents" and the police showing up and I'd say you should cancel your date and ask for a rain check until you know more. A lot more.
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    Aug 09, 2012 1:52 AM GMT
    Well ..i'll say this must be driving you insane!..
    You finally meet a guy..one that youy are totally excited over..and then this!..
    I see how you feel...i'ts hard to accept that the first hot guy that shows interest in you in a while.. might turn out to be a psycho..??

    ..Ok ..let's be realistic here..It's usually not a good thing when the cops show up for any reason..!!

    Proceed with caution
    ..Who were the cops really there to see..???
    ..Are you being a little hard headed..or is your boss really looking out for you?..

    Careful OP.. There are some things you need to know before you can be alone with this guy!!

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    Aug 09, 2012 6:43 AM GMT
    This sounds soo creepy, deffs try to find out what those incidents are, and if you can't or people aren't authorize to speak about it, then maybe it isn't a good to date him.