The Best Cure for Christianity is...

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    Sep 27, 2012 4:24 PM GMT
    TerraFirma: I encourage you to take some time to enjoy this academic debate -- esp. for those of you who want to critically think about it seriously.

    Scruffypup: Am I the only person here who listened to both these videos? I learned a lot from them and can't imagine no one is interested in discussing them who've actually listened them them.

    roadbikeRob: Not listening to any of the nonsensical anti-Obama rants from that conservative tea bagger from Delaware, jockfever.

    jockfever: "Empty barrels make the most noise."

    Christianity is the cure.

    Christianity turns evil into good. Paul, one of Christianity's greatest persecutors, turned into one of Christianity's greatest evangelists. Rome, once the epicenter of pagan anti-Christian bigotry and atrocities, became the capitol city of Christianity. And Mark Twain on his visit to the Holy Land in the 1800's confirmed the desolation, validating the Bible prophecy that the land would be unproductive during the diaspora. The Bible also predicted that the land would flourish when the Chosen People returned. The reborn Israel is a modern agricultural miracle as well as economic, scientific, and technological powerhouse.

    (BTW I watched most of the first video and am familiar with some of the evidence supporting the Resurrection of Christ.)

    It cannot be repeated too often that Simon Greenleaf, one of the leading forensics experts of his day, and a founder of the Harvard Law School, set out to forensically disprove the Resurrection. As repeatedly happens with skeptics of the Resurrection, he concluded that the Resurrection of Christ is one of the best forensically validated events of ancient history.

    How much evidence does roadbikeRob offer as he litters RJ with his worthless "bible thumping screwball" and "bible is fairy tale" rants?

    Does he dazzle anyone with his gods and his superior belief system?
    Of course not. When you ask him to defend "Nothing created Everything" he is evasive.

    Any marginally informed person knows that archeological discoveries repeatedly validate the historical events recorded in the Bible.

    The statement "the Bible is nothing but fairy tales" is the real fairy tale.
    The Left is what it accuses its opponents of being.

    I came across this topic (and his screwball comments) by chance. What this topic has to with Obama is anyone's guess.

    It's not surprising, however, that a drone who apparently rejects the greatest book ever written based on nothing presented, probably embraces "Dreams of My Father," a phony composite containing at least 39 documented lies, as well as its author in name only, the most incompetent destructive fraud ever to occupy the White House.

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    Sep 27, 2012 8:24 PM GMT
    Caslon21000 saidBut you can look at the teachings of Jesus from a philosophical point of view and dump all the divinity and Heaven crap.


    Waaay overrated. He did nothing for women's rights or gay rights, and he condoned slavery.