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    Aug 19, 2012 2:34 PM GMT
    It's back to school time again. Who was your favorite teacher or professor? How did he or she influence your life? I guess I should say my AP English teacher who was also my mom but truthfully she's my favorite mom but not necessarily my favorite teacher. My favorite was my 9th grade Earth Sciences teacher, Coach Shelton for several reasons. One, it was his first year teaching so I was Mike to him instead of Nick's brother or one of my other 4 older siblings' brother. He had an enthusiasm for teaching and really engaged the students on a personal level which I now try to do myself. I'm not a science guy at all but I really enjoyed his class. He also took me under his wing and got me interested in discus and coached me for four years. He's moved on to another state now but we still keep up with each other.
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    Aug 19, 2012 3:21 PM GMT
    Algebra1-2-3-4..Mrs S..Amazing !..
    I would bring her presents..Cd's Books..miss her..gonna look her up!

    I did a summer Psychology college prep course with a Hungarian professor..
    Dr. P..
    Hot tall man with sculpted cheek bones and ice blue eyes!!
    I didn't learn a damm thing for the first week...
    I just sat there drooling!..HOT!!!
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    Aug 19, 2012 3:34 PM GMT

    Mrs. Stewart - 3rd Grade

    Mrs. Ward - 4th Grade

    Mrs. Kiser - 5th Grade

    Mrs. Harrison - 1st Grade

    Mrs. Poteet - 10th Grade World History

    Mrs. Clater - U.S History

    Mr. Bobo - Algerbra

    Ms. Pierce - Computer Tech
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    Aug 19, 2012 5:52 PM GMT
    Had several in high school, college and grad school -- taught me the importance of reading, researching facts, and how to write. All men.
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    Aug 19, 2012 6:01 PM GMT
    None of my college teachers were particularly interesting... can't even remember any of them.

    In high school I had a closer connection with teachers who didn't actually teach me in a class.

    Mrs. Dahle - She was a spanish teacher (I took french), but she was the Student Council director, as well as the leader of Junior Class (which I was VP for). Amazing hard working lady who gave a lot back to the school.

    Ms. Larsen - She hated being called by Mrs., I think she ran off on a wedding or two. Anyways she was one of the directors leading the Homecoming coordinators (I was one of them) which was a big deal at our school. I remember crying my eyes out to her during one stressful situation... so embarassing haha. Basically one of the other teacher directors was being a total bitch to me, but she was a good sport helping me through the situation.
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    Aug 19, 2012 6:02 PM GMT
    I have 3 and I'll try to keep it brief. They each have a part to play in the type of teacher I strive to be.

    1) My HS Algebra teacher. Just a really good teacher that everyone loved. Unfortunately, I saw her not too long ago and said that I was a college teacher and she made a really rude comment to me and walked off. I hear she has become very bitter over the last few years and is burnt out and looking forward to retirement. It's really sad.

    2) My HS World History teacher. He was a coach - and I'm sorry to say for the most part I despised all coaches as a rule, but it was his first year and he was an excellent teacher - that is until they announced in the middle of the second semester that they were not renewing the contracts of several of the new teachers so they could spend the money to remodel the gym. (Priorities). After that news, we did nothing else for the rest of the year. I still remember how great he was at noticing when he was losing the class and would lay the chalk down and start telling a funny story that was completely off the topic, then without missing a beat, pick up the chalk and carry on right where he left off. It was genius.

    3) My college Accounting instructor and advisor - who has become a mentor in my life. I have been told my teaching aesthetic is very much like hers. Which I take as a compliment. She was excellent. She is now the chancellor of that college. I still keep in touch and visit her when I am in my hometown.

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    Aug 19, 2012 6:15 PM GMT
    Mrs. Zache - 4th grade. Engaged the class in all subjects and for me, made math fun...hated that subject.

    Mr. Lilly - 12 grade 'Issues and Events of the 60's and 70's'. We had five guys in the class and we were assigned one topic per week. We had to do our own research, then teach it to the class and had to submit a paper on the subject. We even got to make up our own test questions to submit to Mr. Lilly for the test at the end of each two week period. A lot of work, but learned a lot.

    How about the worst teachers?

    Mrs. McCarthy - 8th grade English. It was an honors class and she couldn't control us, so she started taking us to the library instead.

    Mr. Murray - 9th grade algebra. After every test he'd seat us in order by test score, with the worst scores in front and the best in back, so we knew exactly what kind of score our classmates got. I was usually at the beginning of the second row (of four), but was in the top spot once.
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    Aug 19, 2012 6:25 PM GMT
    I think in general my college professors have been a shame compared to my high school teachers.
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    Aug 19, 2012 6:30 PM GMT
    I can't pick one. My favorites are Mr. Shuman, Mr. Mao, Mrs. Hanlon, and Mr. Houston.

    They were phenomenal teachers and I still see them occasionally.

    My college professors pale in comparison.
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    Aug 19, 2012 6:34 PM GMT
    Mr.Marlatt - 8th, 9th and 10th grade history.

    Mr.Marlatt was an eccentric irish history teacher..who was in his 50's back then. Ginger..and manly.. yet very all about peoples rights. He allowed me to be creative with assignments and be eccentric myself. After school we'd have deep conversations about the odd shit i was into at the time. One time i did some assignment on rape and incest and made a Tori Amos comic book. (i know) and he was please with how gutsy i was.. I was teased by a "jock" who called me fag..and it was SO afterschool special from that point on.

    At the same time I had Mr. Nardoni, my P.E. teacher who tried his best to stick up for me because i drew instead of played sports but i ran well and he wanted me in track and i thought it was it stupid. The Jock who teased me was in that class as well. I stopped coming to school for 2 weeks.. i was just tired. I was failing.

    Mr.Nardoni had a secret meeting with Mr.Marlatt ..and they pulled me aside after school and Mr.Marlatt pulled me in a corner and said "If you are having sexual orientation problems i can help." I was terrified. I literally ran home. *cue soap music*

    The next morning I was MADE to go to go school.. and Nardoni was like " you can't toss away your future kid on another kid being a prick." He said prick. i laughed.. "You need to see Marlatt." I saw Marlatt and we had this long discussion tipping around my sexuality and weirdness (because i think it was more that i was odd... i fit in more with gothy and punky and stinky hippie kids then anyone else... I was 16 listening to Portishead and Massive Attack and watching Ingmar Bergman and Gregg Araki flicks. I was abnormal and heavy)

    Then Marlatt was like "I am really not suppose to say this... but i am gay... "
    he came out to me.. gave me a ride home.. because we talked til sundown in the school.. and after my school years were over.. he gave me an awesome college recommendation into Cal Arts. (however that is another story)

    Marlatt Turns out to be into chicken and leather. He switches up boyfriends every 2 years.. they stay the same age.. about 20.. what can ya say... he still is awesome!
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    Aug 19, 2012 6:36 PM GMT
    At the time it was my teacher for Honors English II and III, mostly because his class was consistently a joke. Looking back after HS I realized that it was my AP Calculus teacher though. Her course was rough, but the second she noticed one of her students that she had any amount of faith in falling behind she'd go drill sergeant on us. She kicked my ass on a regular basis, but she was also great to talk to after class. She was able to keep a bunch of teenagers engaged in an advanced math class too, which probably deserves a medal of some kind.
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    Aug 19, 2012 6:58 PM GMT
    I had a big crush on my sixth form art teacher.
    He used to lean over and point out things on my paintings. I don't think I ever concentrated on what he was pointing out icon_rolleyes.gif

    Apart from him, it has to be my head of year through secondary school. She was a jolly, quirky woman that genuinely cared about everyone in her year group. You could go and talk to her about anything. She also had a really relaxing, Scottish accent.
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    Aug 19, 2012 7:19 PM GMT
    Being a teacher myself, I'm glad that many of you have a teacher that has had a strong impact on your life. For me, I had Miss Daragon in Grade 1 who I will remember always, Mr Gignac for Gr 7 who let us be creative and silly and express ourselves how we wanted to be, and Mrs Maillous gr 11 and 12 English who made those classes fun and entertaining and she didn't take herself too seriously

    I hope someday I will be remembered fondly by one of my students
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    Aug 19, 2012 7:20 PM GMT
    Mrs. Carson in 5th grade. It is because of that woman I know how to write and speak English correctly.
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    Aug 19, 2012 7:26 PM GMT
    My j. high (Forget which years)gym teacher Mr. Steve Smith!
    He was the coolest. He joked around with the class a ton and did whatever. Rarely got mad at the class. Idk it was just awesome. Made me forget I was still at school lol

    Unfortunately he slept with two of my grade 9 classmates and was caught. Ended up hanging himself I believe.

    He was still my fav teacher though lol
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    Aug 19, 2012 7:28 PM GMT
    It's kind of a tie between Mr. Guzman, 11th grade English teacher, who inspired me to write; and Mr. Beeson, 11th grade PE teacher - who was one of the most beautiful men I'd ever seen, and who inspired me to my first weight work-outs, and also inspired countless wank sessions.
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    Aug 19, 2012 9:05 PM GMT
    Gosh..I have been blessed with so many amazing teachers in my life. I can't ever repay all of them back for the amazing support they all gave me.

    I will start with Miss. Nieman: a very enthusiastic, friendly, outgoing and passionate person. She was truly born to be a teacher for people with delay. Back in grade 9 in high school, I was not put in the regular classroom. I was in the Learning Assistant Program. I did so well in that class, but the teacher that I had during that time decided that he was only going to put me in a few normal classes for grade 10. Then grade 10 came and there comes this amazing human being who treated me just like everyone and gave me all the support that I need. She told me that I should never have been put into that program. She did everything to ensure that I was put into more main stream classes in grade 10. She also bought me a camera.

    In grade 11, I met Mr. Hildebrand. Another cool, humerus teacher. He was my social studies teacher. I got an essay 100 percent in that class because the teacher was very cooperative and helps me when I needed it. He allowed us to watch soccer in class during the 2010 world cup. Such a cool, cool guy.

    Grade 12, Mrs. Tudor. A great teacher with so much passion and energy for what she does. She teaches us Math 30 pure. A very hard class, but she made it so easy that I could not even remember how I got 91 in my diploma exam.

    My educational Hero would have to be my Educational Assistant in grade 8 and seven. She was the reason I wanted to make so much difference for people with disability today. My English was pretty poor back then and she help me so much with grammatical aspect of it and the spelling. She did so much in my life I can't wait to tell her when I start working with her next year after college close.
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    Aug 19, 2012 10:45 PM GMT
    I liked teachers that would let me joke around with them and say things that weren't always appropriate without making a big deal out of it.

    Year 6- Mr Scarborough-Tutor
    Year 10/11- Ms Baines-Chemistry
    Year 12/13-Mr Wilson-Chemistry (but i heard that he's quite homophobic and I was in the closet and he apparently said that stuff with a different class so I never realised and I'm quite disapointed)
    Year 12/13-Mrs Fletcher-Physics, she didn't let me joke with her that much but she was a really great teacher and did all she could to help anyone. A lot of respect for her.
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    Aug 19, 2012 10:49 PM GMT
    Most of my college art professors were extremely awesome because I could treat them like my peers and talk to them on a first name basis like equals. And I still do, we've remained friends and equals years later after I graduated.
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    Aug 19, 2012 11:13 PM GMT
    I was a good student and my favorite teachers happened to be a gay male and a lesbian teacher both in 8th grade. They took an extra interest in me because of gaydar I think.
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    Aug 19, 2012 11:19 PM GMT
    Dr. York, history/religions professor. Aside from being an amazing instructor (and boss), she basically saved my life.
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    Aug 19, 2012 11:43 PM GMT
    Mrs. DeEtte Chamberlain, who passed away, a couple of years ago, at 105 years old.

    She was my first grade teacher AND my second grade teacher.
    She took a shy boy, from a broken home, and gave me the guidance I needed.
    I always wished that I had told her how much she meant to me.

    In my senior year, I took my yearbook down to her second grade class room and asked her to sign it. She wrote something nice.

    Incidentally (or coincidentally), she retired the same year I graduated.
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    Aug 20, 2012 1:21 AM GMT
    An excellent question to pose us.
    If the US is anything like the UK, teachers are an undervalued profession. We owe them so much.

    Several come to mind:
    Miss Powney, my class teacher when I was eight at primary school. She was the archetypal English village schoolmistress. Teaching and her children were everything to her. She knew them all, their likes and dislikes, their brothers and sisters, parents, grandparents, the lot as she was locally born. She taught me all the basics and quite a wide range of subjects, english, maths, music, science, arts, history.

    At college for my O Levels when I was sixteen, Mr. Hunt and Mr. Bell; both big bear type guys. The former taught me geology and was probably the better of the two. He was kind but professional, completely on top of his subject and the class. He inspired me to want to learn again after a long period of being out of education. I remember him being always very smartly dressed.
    Mr. Bell, who taught me geography, was more informal and approachable but not the most organized of lecturers. Still, he was kind and always willing to help you if you didn`t understand anything.

    I also had a crush on those two guys.
    It was a good time as I was leaving a small, highly closeted village for a larger town and its freedoms and opportunities, and made my first friendship with an openly gay guy there.

    And at university, for biology, Mrs. Furby. She was very eccentric, but made learning a joy rather than a chore. She helped me develop my critical faculties-the hallmark of higher education-something the present day system seems to be forgetting. She also showed me there was much more to education than merely passing exams.
    Afterwards, she helped me with some post-graduate courses.

    Many years later, when I became a tutor in adult education, my starting point was Mr. Hunt and how he taught and conducted himself.
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    Aug 20, 2012 1:44 AM GMT
    My favorite teacher died when I came back to the states from Iraq yet after I was kicked out for being gay while in the Army.
    She helped me in so many ways beyond her just helping me in English. She was the 1st teacher I came out to. God I miss her...She helped me in so many ways more than she'll ever know.
    Love you Ms. Carter
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    Aug 20, 2012 2:00 AM GMT
    Kindergarden: Mrs. Selenas, my mom's high school bestie... noticed that I was smart at a very young age... I almost skipped a grade forward... dah! <3

    4th Grade(2nd time): Mrs. Grijalva, used Music to teach the class Mathematics and Poetry to teach us new words! icon_wink.gif

    5th Grade: Mr. Mendez, was a funny and smart teacher, who let two students run the class during certain times of the day, and let me and my friend Doug be class clowns; knowing we would be smart about it and on point... even if it meant making jokes the whole way through! icon_lol.gif

    7th Grade: Mr. Rokowski: English Teacher, took me from my "Reading" Class for the dumbies, to the Newspaper Class, with the smarties, after I turned in a report on Immigrants before Winter Break. icon_razz.gif

    All of high school: Mrs. Tice: English, Drama Club/Class, Public Speaking Teacher who helped me realize things about myself that I had no idea where going on, which in turn took me out of my shell; and gave me an appreciation for literature, art; introspection and interpersonal connections with others. Best teacher EVER! EEEVVVEEERRR!! icon_cool.gificon_cool.gificon_cool.gificon_cool.gificon_cool.gificon_cool.gificon_cool.gificon_cool.gificon_cool.gificon_cool.gif