With legalising gay marriage and banning unnecessary circumcision on its agenda, who would have thought Australia's most maligned state may actually be its most progressive in the 21st century?


Here are a couple of self-explanatory excerpts:

"Surgical removal of the foreskin was once routinely performed on newborn boys in Australia but the practice has declined markedly since the 1970s, as paediatricians questioned its necessity. However it is still routinely requested by Jewish and Muslim parents, who consider it an important rite, and some public-health scientists advocate it as a disease-prevention measure."

"The report, which was released this morning, describes circumcision as “an assault and a wounding” and says current law is unclear about whether doctors or parents could face criminal liability for authorising it on a child who is incapable of giving consent."

And from NYTimes:


"There is little to no evidence that circumcision protects men who have sex with men from infection."