Any guys out there in RJ land that live in the SE Florida region that are curious about training in the Martial Arts and pushing past your limits?

I started training for my Black Belt about 2 years ago and that first day as a White Belt was spooky for sure. I soon learned that my being gay wasn't an issue with my instructors OR the other students. Everyone greeted me with a smile, an introduction, and a handshake. The only focus was my strength, flexibilty, and endurance (where I was at, how to improve it, and setting a goal).

In the 2 years of training I've gained 19 lbs of pounds of muscle on an already fit body, permanent abs the show through a sweat soaked T-shirt, increased my t-shirt size from medium to LARGE and I'm working toward XL ! It has been a long time since anyone has called me 'skinny'!!
I can do 50 pushups non stop, 180 roundhouse kicks to a 6 foot head, and spar 3 min rounds .

Four years ago I was depressed and angry after loosing two soul mates to cancer and a stroke. Convinced the Universe hated me, I even developed suicidal thoughts.

Now? I can't wait for tomorrow.

So, here's the offer. Hit me up on my e-mail here and we'll arrange a time for you to take a class and meet the instructors. I will be there to greet you, take a place next to you, go through a beginner class as your workout partner.

I get NO monetary return if you come OR join, so this offer is from my heart and will never expire.

Hope to hear from ya!