Jews and Liberalism: Despite small minority, Jews are likely to back Barack Obama by large margin as in 2008.

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    Aug 26, 2012 5:06 PM GMT
    Predicting Jewish Vote for President

    GOP Fails To Comprehend Link to Liberalism

    By Leonard Fein

    Published August 26, 2012
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    The Republican Party has a death wish, and has for at least the last 32 years and longer.

    No, I am not talking here about the passing episodes of outright stupidity or sophomoric high jinks we have recently witnessed. I am talking about a fundamental and even willful misunderstanding of the connection between Jews and liberalism. How do I know this? Buried deep in my files are the results of a symposium conducted by Commentary in 1980, before the parties had settled on their nominees, back when it seemed that Ted Kennedy or perhaps even Pat Moynihan might displace Jimmy Carter as the Democratic candidate and when both John Connolly and Ronald Reagan were being prominently mentioned as Republican possibilities. The subject of the symposium? “Liberalism and the Jews,” and Commentary’s evident hope was that most of the 52 participants would, as many did, find liberalism wanting and the Jewish disposition towards liberalism an anachronism.

    I admit that it may seem an exaggeration to claim that a party then on the verge of controlling the White House for 20 of the next 32 years was the victim of a death wish. So let me be more circumspect: With regard to the prospect that a mass defection of Jews from their traditional liberal stance was imminent — a claim with some currency on this, the eve of another fateful election — we may fairly say that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

    So then, so now. Here and there, barricades to be mounted, occupations to excite, but most of all, and especially after nearly four years of Barack Obama, an obstinate fealty to traditional liberal verities, a firm intention to live with less sin and a recognition that the lackluster Republican candidates offer only a rationale for sin compounded. I believe they radically misunderstand America, misstate both its urgencies and its possibilities. And with one troubling exception, that is where most American Jews are and determines how they will vote in November.

    The exception? An acquaintance who regards Obama as “a monster,” no less, and who speaks with some authority for a rising constituency of Orthodox Jews, a constituency convinced beyond reason that Obama is anti-Israel, that scorns Ehud Barak’s repeated assertion that Obama has done more to enhance Israel security than any of his predecessors, that is seduced by the prospect of federal aid to religious schools, that by and large is prisoner to Jewish particularism. Together with some number of the one-percenters, whose motives may be more directly mercenary, these will likely reduce the 78% support for Obama in 2008 to closer to 67% — a disappointment, but hardly shameful.

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    Joel A. Levitt · 1 hour ago

    A saying of Rabbi Hillel from Pirkei Avot:

    ”If I am not for me, who will be?
    If I am for myself alone, what am I?
    And, if not now, when?”

    Mr. Romney is mostly concerned with the first line, President Obama with the second line.

    We are now confronted by urgent problems, including: global warming; an economic disaster; many Americans caught in persistent poverty; decaying infrastructure, and an inadequate educational system. These are problems of our entire society, and only our society as a whole has the tools to address them successfully. Thus, it is Hillel’s second line that should govern at this time.

    It is the third line that must guide us – choose Obama.

    Michael1950 · 1 hour ago

    With all his flaws and short comings, real as they may be, I also stand with Joel A. Levitt. Obama in 2012!

    @Shreknangst · 55 minutes ago

    Let's see, vote for the guy who nailed Ben Laden, or vote for the guy who wants the poor and elderly to lose their medical benefits. Gee, really hard choice.

    Maybe we should vote based on economics and self interest. The party that doubles the National Debt and advocates outsourcing jobs to South America, China, or other regions of Asia -- or the party that, when not interfered with by Republicans in Congress, balances the budget and reduces debt, while funding public services. Let's see -- those who want to cut Medical Care, and routinely gut education, so the rich can be paid to outsource employment, or the other guys, the ones who care about America and average Americans ... Hard Choice.

    Guess we need to vote Romney/Ryan and bring the American Experiment to a conclusion. That'll teach em.
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    Aug 26, 2012 8:01 PM GMT
    What impresses me about our fellow Jewish citizens is their inteligence and high standards for educating their children above and beyond the 'standard' American Christian Fundi Republican Voters. They remind me of the Statistics on the Religious Group the Seventh Day Adventists, who are very education oriented and health conscious.

    Jewish Families are Liberal minded because in general Liberals are 'live and let liver's', they don't get into forcing their way of life on their neighbors like Christian Fundi's who just 'trust and obey' without thinking or introspection.