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    Aug 28, 2012 2:00 AM GMT

    Teacher: another teacher helped students cheat because they were "dumb as hell"

    Atlanta math teacher Shayla Smith allegedly thought students were so "dumb" that they needed her help during testing.

    The former 5th-grade teacher at southwest Atlanta's Dobbs Elementary School denied it, but a tribunal apparently believed that allegation and others and recommended her termination Monday.

    Smith was among about 180 Atlanta Public Schools educators accused of cheating after a state investigation triggered by reports in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.



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    Aug 28, 2012 2:45 AM GMT
    I dunno.. you tell us!
    n the aftermath of Rep. Todd Akin’s (R-MO) offensive and medically inaccurate comments that “legitimate rape” doesn’t often lead to pregnancy, Republicans have been scrambling to distance themselves from Akin. However, in addition to pushing policies that are very much in line with Akin’s anti-choice views, some GOP candidates have similar ignorance about the nature of sexual assault.

    Tom Smith, the Republican challenging Sen. Bob Casey’s (D-PA) seat, suggested that having a child out of wedlock was analogous to rape during an interview with a reporter at a press club this afternoon, claiming that it would have a “similar” effect on a father:

    MARK SCOLFORO, ASSOCIATED PRESS: How would you tell a daughter or a granddaughter who, God forbid, would be the victim of a rape, to keep the child against her own will? Do you have a way to explain that?

    SMITH: I lived something similar to that with my own family. She chose life, and I commend her for that. She knew my views. But, fortunately for me, I didn’t have to.. she chose they way I thought. No don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t rape.

    SCOLFORO: Similar how?

    SMITH: Uh, having a baby out of wedlock.

    SCOLFORO: That’s similar to rape?

    SMITH: No, no, no, but… put yourself in a father’s situation, yes. It is similar. But, back to the original, I’m pro-life, period.