I have always thought Leonard Cohen expressed demonic contempt for liberal and conservative helllions in his song "Closing Time." For those of you who do not know the song, I've embedded it below.

Oddly, I see it as a song that states "you get what you deserve." Such will be the case with the election of November 6, 2012, when America will decide the fruit grown in its' future years by its' vote on that day. "You get what yoiu deserve."

As the Roman Emperor of RealJock.com, who has been writing me expresses a benign neutral stance in his communication (which I have truly enjoyed), is perhaps beginning to surmise, all that is important to me after November 6, 2012 is my future. Everyone else is on their own. .... Praise that old foresight that guides those who roam with free spirit.

I thank you Republicans and Democrats for making prognostication upon which the placement of bets so depends so obvious this time around.

All enjoy the dance. Closing time is not yet here.