Fuckably Sexy politicians!

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    Sep 02, 2012 9:58 AM GMT
    And now to bring a little extra banality to these forums!

    Who might you be inclined to vote for ... if looks were a consideration?

    I was in Montreal a few weeks ago for their Pride (La Fierte) and throughout a good part of the gay village there (particularly the stretch running from Ste. Hubert from Avenue Viger up to the plateau of Mont Royal) there were three candidates with their posters up allover the place:

    The first guy, who looked strikingly like William Shatner in the his Priceline Negotiator ... unfortunately he didn't strike me enough at the time to take a photo of his campaign poster.

    The second candidate is a female known for her activism, a mustache-wearing lesbian by the name of Manon Masse:


    This lady would also be relatively unremarkable in the looks department until you get a closer look at her 'stache:


    But the last guy...




    I give you one Etienne Collins, of the Parti Liberal Quebec.


    Seriously, I would vote for this boy on looks alone, and hope even more that I'd have the chance to ply my good work on his ass while pinning his ankles firmly behind his cute pointy ears.

    I'd even plow his ass in a bathtub.


    With the possible exception of IL Congressman Aaron Schock, I find few politicians to be as fuckably cute as this guy.

    Though I could be wrong - who would you want to bend over (or bend over for) amongst those who serve in the halls of political power?

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    Sep 02, 2012 12:44 PM GMT
    That depends. Are we talking about a politician who prefers a two-state solution or just a good ****ing?

    Labour Party Member of Parliament, Tristram Hunt, would get more than my vote.

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    Sep 02, 2012 4:47 PM GMT
    If Andre Boisclair was still in politics...