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    Sep 04, 2012 4:38 AM GMT
    Is is me or does it seem that so many of the "good" dating sites have closed in the past few years, leaving behind the standard gay hookup suites disguised under a gay "dating" scheme?

    Connexion and Dlist were a few to name that I one found useful and beneficial for not only coming out to myself but to take the steps to come out to others - and granted at times they seemed to fall to the way-side as of late and eventually closed doors.

    But it's sad to admit that even the ones that charge have such a shallow pool of people for one reason or another that fails to live up to even paying for the service. PS Match won't reimburse anything even if they've failed to not even properly maintain profiles and provided me Matches every day with fake profiles in the pool.

    Maybe because many sites have never been heard of before more inthe main stream, or become ran over by bot-like profiles or inactive one-worded profiles that you kept getting "matched" with? Or perhaps they aren't using porn as their sole source of advertising? Realjock seems to be the most- lasting website targeted to the gay community but with a substantial following for workout information that's the only thing really keeping it alive.

    Just thought I'd ask if others have had much success with other sites- though I assume the ultimate success would mean you're no longer needing to utilize an online gay dating service. Ah the conundrum!
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    Sep 04, 2012 8:44 PM GMT
    WIth Match, I had almost no. I went on two dates with one guy and he totally blew me off thus totally unsuccessful unless you count making me feel like shit.

    Plenty of Fish is free but theres alot of pigs to sort through that you probably not attracted to. I've gone on one date from there and that just never came to fruition. I do have another one from there tonight so who knows.

    Grindr isn't as bad as people make it out. You can easily find a nice, good looking guy to date. But again, lots of pigs who want sex. Alot.