On and on the Iranian agent posts his propaganda.
While some of the facts are true, he misapplies them to mislead those who don't know better:

AyaTrollah pouncer> As far as Palestine was concerned, it was the Arab forces who destroyed the main Ottoman supply lines in Ma'an and across the Yarmouk River. The Arabs defeated the Ottomans at the Battle of Aqaba, routed them at Tafileh

Ma'an, Aqaba and Tafileh are in eastern Palestine, which propaganda pouncer denies is part of Palestine.
The Yarmouk River is likewise in eastern Palestine and the Golan Heights, which propaganda pouncer denies is part of Palestine.

The Arab fighters discussed above were a few thousand Hashemites from the Hejaz (Saudi Arabia), not "Palestinian Arabs".

The Arabs living in what became western Mandate Palestine fought for the Ottomans and against the British.
As is clearly documented above.

Now look how propaganda pouncer contradicts himself:

ATp> The PA claims only 22% of Palestine for a future state...

ATp> the PLO came out explicitly in favour of a Palestinian state consisting of less than a quarter of historic Palestine. Israel, which already consists of 78%...

Those percentages being not of "historic Palestine" as claimed, but of western Mandate Palestine - which was just 22% of the total. Recall that above he considers areas of eastern Palestine (today's Jordan) to be part of Palestine.

Here then is the real breakdown of "historic Palestine":

Jordan: 78%
Israel: 17%
Territories: 5%


1. The Arabs of western Palestine fought with the Ottoman Turks against the British.

2. Israel amounts to a mere 17% of "historic Palestine".

Recall that 100 years ago "Palestine" wasn't an Ottoman or Arab concept, but the Latin/European name for Eretz Yisrael.
The Land of Israel.