Recommendations for Portland, Oregon and Buffalo, New York.

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    Aug 21, 2008 12:51 AM GMT
    Tis the season for weddings and traveling to see some friends. I've never been to either city and in one month I will be going to both. Portland for Labor Day (plus change) and Buffalo for September 18th-21st. What are some "all things gay" to do in those places of the world? Having briefly stumbled around these forums, I am amazed at the level of advice and recommendations that are given, so I'm also hoping for the same. Thanks in advance.

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    Aug 21, 2008 2:33 AM GMT


    just read the post about the nude beach in CA. We have 2 here (Sauvie Island and Rooster Rock)both are about 25 miles from the city.

    Check out our local "Fag Rag" Just Out for local bars and events.

    If you enjoy bath houses, we have one

    Personally, I would give serious consideration to enjoying the scenery here (Multnomah Falls, Mt. Hood, a drive through The Columbia Gorge, Bagby Hot Springs) really is beautiful country!

    I'd be glad to help you out more if you have any questions.

    Enjoy your visit to Portland,

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    Aug 21, 2008 2:50 AM GMT
    Buffalo, despite its reputation, can be a fun museum.

    First, you have to go to the Albright Knox art museum. There is representative work of many of those who defined 20th century art. It is not to be missed!

    For a good drink, Fugazi on Franklin is comfortable, laid back, and has better bartenders than most places. For more contemporary drinking Tabu might fit the bill, the crowd his miss or hit. If you want to shake your thang and grope some twinks Club Marchella is the place to go. Guaranteed drag show, for better or worse.

    Try the quail at Cafe Europa. Try anything at Toro. Try everything at Left Bank.
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    Aug 21, 2008 3:18 AM GMT
    Portland!!! fun city and nice city to travel !

    transfortation system is really good in portland , so It's easy to trevel portland without cars. there is the subway called MAX and it's free to ride if you are in downtown area. there is quite good shopping place like Pioneer place and pearl district .. etc icon_smile.gif

    or go to lovejoy st. there are several good restaurants and shopping area too. If you want to go there from downtown area, I would suggest to ride street car. it's cheap and straight to lovejoy st. (and can see some other areas, too)

    this is the lovejoy area map from google ;),+Portland,+OR+97210&geocode=4668113812639750179,45.529443,-122.702672&ll=45.529443,-122.702672&iwstate1=dir:to&iwloc=A&f=d

    Also Hawtrone blvd. is good to go.

    I think this website will help you to trevel portland icon_smile.gif some good maps and guide for travelers icon_smile.gif

    Japanese garden is really big and good, it's right next to Oregon zoo (i heard that zoo sucks lol)

    Oh and I agree with pdxor too icon_smile.gif

    kinda weird advice from me lol and i don't know what I wrote ,but if you have any question i'll try to answer it lol

    P.S. there is some gay clubs on the Couch st. icon_biggrin.gif - idk if it's good or not cuz I'm not 21 yet. lol

    and I'm sure I'll be downtown larbor day icon_smile.gif lol
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    Aug 21, 2008 3:31 AM GMT
    Not directly gay, but if you'll be in Buffalo, Niagara Falls is very nearby and always worth a visit.

    In addition to the Albright Knox gallery, there's quite a lot of nice architecture in Buffalo. There are several Frank Lloyd Wright houses (particularly the Martin house), and Frederick Law Olmstead designed the park system downtown. The Allentown neighbor downtown is friendly in a crunchy sort of way, and some of the churches like St. Paul's are just beautiful
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    Aug 21, 2008 4:17 PM GMT
    My bf and I are both foodies here in Portland. So if you're also into the restaurant scene, then let me know. I'd be happy to send some recommendations your way.

    Also, definitely get outside and explore some of the great outdoors near and around the city. The coast is great as well as Mt. Hood. In fact, you may even be able to still ski there if you go before the holiday.

    Touch base if you want to know more...
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    Aug 22, 2008 2:28 AM GMT
    Dang. This is all kinds of good information. Once again, the recommendations come through. All are greatly appreciated. I checked out (online) Albright Knox museum and it is definitely on the itinerary for Buffalo and Mr. Hood is scheduled for Portland. I never would have picked those out on my own, so a heartfelt thanks to all.
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    Aug 22, 2008 2:37 AM GMT
    I lived in Buffalo and Niagara Falls for a few years...loved it. You know this might sound crazy but I thought one of the best things about Buffalo and Niagara Falls was...wait for it...TORONTO!!!icon_biggrin.gif (Toronto is only like an hour and a half drive away from Western New York)
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    Aug 23, 2008 3:15 PM GMT
    Here are some other beautiful, interesting sites to check out in Buffalo,
    1. Buffalo &Erie County Historical Society musuem which is the only remaining building from the 1901 PanAmerican Exposition. It is located to the north of the Albright- Knox Art Gallery across the Route 198 expressway
    It contains several interesting exhibits and artifacts on the history of our WNY region.
    2. Delaware Park is to the east of both the history museum and the Albright- Knox, is truly a beautiful gem of a park with a lake, running and biking paths, lush meadows, and athletic fields. It also contains the Buffalo Zoo. It is truly one of Frederick Law Olmsted's best designed parks despite the horrendous planning error known as the Route 198 expressway that runs through part of it.
    3. Elmwood Village is a prosperous, hip neighborhood that runs along Elmwood Avenue on Buffalo's west side and contains coffeehouses, nightclubs, boutique shops, and restaurants with sidewalk patios. It is very lively during the warmer weather months.
    4. If your visit to Buffalo takes in some of the weekdays, then check out the historic Ellicott Square Building in downtown Buffalo. This ornate ten story structure was the world's largest office building when it was completed in 1896. The first floor contains the magnificent light court and a colorful tile floor inscribed with a compass. This is one of the best indoor public places in the city with its abundance of natural light coming from the glass vaulted ceilings above.
    These are just four additional interesting highlights of our great city. Hope you enjoy your trip to Buffalo.