After yet another appointment with my doctor, where he seemed more interested in telling me about the '2016' movie he saw and how our society is going to hell in a hand basket (because of the Democrats), while also forgetting about a pain here and a bump there i had mentioned earlier, i'm looking for a new doctor.

So, I'm looking for a primary care doctor in Chicago, preferably North Side or north suburban.

I'm interested in someone who will treat causes, not symptoms; who will give me pills for my high blood pressure but also work with me on the lifestyle changes i need to keep to to get off the drugs, and to get me healthier in general. And someone whose waiting room doesn't have as much pharmaceutical salespeople as patients.

I have checked out that Gay & Lesbian Medical Assn. site for doctors, but all the chicago doctors seem either to be from howard brown or northwestern memorial, both of which are unfamiliar to me.