Each of us pay a price when we face the obstacles of stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination. Many of us have parents and other ancestors who have faced and overcome extreme stereotypes. We then can be more able to overcome similar and greater challenges. We can gather valuable experience and share across generations, so that all might be inspired to stand accomplish more as in any endeavor in life.
In your opinion...
1. What are the Latino stereotypes, and how have they changed in the last decade?
2. What stereotypes have Latino perpetuated or shatter?
3. If you are Latino, what did you experience when you pushed the boundaries of perceptions?
4. How did a stereotype impact your career or personal relationships?
5. How do you think Latino stereotypes will change in the next decade?
6. If you were part of a public relations firm hired to change the perception of Latinos, what would be the three top messages that you would communicate?

Thanks for any input and insight that anyone can provide.
Adios and Be Well!