So I just moved back to Florida after spending the summer in Berlin. I don't know many people in Miami, so I decided to go to the dreaded A4A (I haven't had an account on there for years.) and Okcupid. Are there any other suggestions? So far OKCupid is pretty dead, I've browsed a couple of guys but not so many are interesting to me. As for A4A, my pics are still going under review.

I'm wondering to myself if this is even a good idea. :-/ The whole online thing is weird to me lol, and I feel desperate being on so many sites but at the same time theres nothing wrong with casting a wide net right? I've never really thought of meeting people off RJ, so has anybody had any success with OKCupid or Adam4adam besides a hookup? Should I get a plentyoffish? I'm gonna start work soon so I don't have time to go out and meet people, and I don't wanna go to clubs and stuff by myself. I know how to go about making friends but its a lot easier when you're in Uni isn't it?

I donno lol I just want to make sure I have people to hang out with fast. Any site recommendations?