The rise in online profiles requesting to be seeded

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    Sep 15, 2012 11:44 PM GMT
    Just having a look around online profiles in my area, lots of them say something along the lines of sometimes, rather not say, or never in the space for an answer relating to safe sex.

    Just wondering what its like in your area? And here in my town it is due to incredibly low self esteem amongst gay men. Nothing to do with the straights, as there are more straights turning up to the local gay pride march than gays in the parade.

    They all seem so desperate to be loved and all looking in the wrong places. So really hows your self esteem?
    Do you see the sadness in your his eyes (BIG LOL) when looking for a fuck?
    Does the guy your about to fuck with, just need to say i really like you please let me bareback and seed you, and you comply cause its the only affection you have been shown in a while?

    I have placed a profile on squirt that quite anti bareback and anti troll. I am very surprised at the amount of hate mail I have received for my stance, everything from "you stuck up cunt" to my fave, "im going to set up another account find you and kill you",

    Curious to hear you thoughts on this matter.
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    Sep 16, 2012 7:11 PM GMT
    Well I've seen some on squirt in my area that wanna seed or be seeded. Such as: "Positive top looking to breed" or something along those lines.
    Most of then also have "poz guys" in their list of guys they're looking to meet.
    I think that they are probably poz themselves or don't understand what being seropositive actually means for their lives.
    I might be wrong though.
    (If I ever wanna feel appreciated I'll just go for a nice, sweet, experienced man, thank you very much.)