It's worth a shot:
I have been looking for a new job over the past 4 years with some great interviews, but nothing has resulted into a firm offer. I want to try and reach out to this board and see if anyone would happen to have any leads or suggestions for places to look.

With over ten years of experience in the fields of Marketing and Communications, I have cultivated and refined my skills of Project Management, Corporate Branding, Sales & Business Development, Data Mining & Analysis, Web Design & Management, TV/Video Production, Social Media Management and Product Promotions. Clients range from international to national, with focus on the local and micro details that accompany any project. I enjoy working in fast-paced and energetic environments where I can manage inventive and tactical new endeavors in the areas of creative marketing, corporate communications and business development.

So, If anyone would be able to help me out, please reach out and message me.

(I know this is not the type of normal post on here, but like I said: It's worth a shot)