My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years. Our relationship overall has been great. There have been a few bumps that has caused some trust issues. One last year, I caught him sexting some guy - whatever I forgave him. We have just recently been cohabitating for the past 5 months during this time my boyfriend's father passed away causing a lot of depression for him. He tells me that he wanted to go on vacation on his own to the place where he grew up to morn his Dad's passing. To make a long story short, during his vacation, he confessed to me that he made out with a random guy - while he was drunk. He apologized but now wants to move out and live separately again in order to "sort himself out" - very cheesy I know. So I said, "go ahead". Part of me is so drained and just want to end the whole thing but I he is the love of my life for 4 years. He is the person whole cared for me when I was severely sick 2 years ago, the person who I spend the holidays with and I love him so much. Any advice? Please help. Thank you.