Semester Started and for the first time I am taking an art class. (No middle school art doesnt count I didn't learn anything) What I am finding though is how intimidating this is! I mean because its 2-D Design its like a completely different level.

Most of the majority of the kids in my class are long time artists and experienced in their own little fields. Now if I don't know about the rest but thats just intimidating especially since we have to turn in our projects for class and teacher review! They say keep your head down and don't worry too much about others and you'll be fine. but hey I am only human and sometimes when I look around the different skill level just amazes me! Though I just met a girl in the class that apparantly just started her first art class as well so we've sort of banded together haha! Anyone have any similar experience in a first time enviroment where you had experienced people whom just seemed intimidating with the knowledge and skill they had with a subject? or a field? share your story!