....ya gotta understand:
I didn't know why Jerry had told me exactly when they arrived back from his honeymoon, since I wasn't picking them up at the airport.
I didn't know that, after two years where we rarely saw or spoke to each other (the same length of time he had dated Lisa) that my innocent phone call 3 days before his wedding would bring me an invitation to be IN the wedding. His best man was hurt in a car wreck, so he asked me to stand in.
I didn't know that his bachelor party was delayed because of the wreck, and that I would 'stand in' on that, too.
I really didn't know how drunk a Marine can get and still be aware of what is happening. caught me by total surprise when the next evening, after Lisa had to go back on night duty at the hospital, that Jerry would ask me to have a beer and talk.
I did know
that I would be at his house, since I did take them to the airport on the day of the wedding and kept his brand new Mustang GT Boss at my house for safekeeping.
But, I didn't know that he had suspected that I wanted him since he was 16 (when I was 26) or that there was NO small print below his new tattoo above his right nipple...that big, brown, firm nipple...or that the musky scent of his manliness wafting from his armpit as I bent over closely to examine this tattoo would cause me to get so near his pec that I could feel the heat of his masculinity come off of him like a wave.
I did know, however, what he wanted when he pressed his chest to my lips and rubbed hard against me.
That was when I lost all reason. Three hours later, he knew what it was like to be with a man in a completely intimate way, something he had wondered about since he was 20, but didn't know how to go about finding out safely.
Until my phone call that night.
Until he saw how I was looking at him as the strippers treated him on his last night as a free man.
Until I was overcome by the raw sexuality of him enough to begin to bite his nipple he shoved in my face, begin to rub my hands over his smooth washboard abs, brushing the little hairs sticking out above his towel (he had just gotten out of the shower, on the pretext of wanting to go out for dinner) Until I began to move my face to his fresh-washed armpit and lick it and drive him wild.
Until he dropped his towel, standing there totally naked, totally hard, all 5' 8," 175 lbs of solid, Marine-built man.
Until I stood back, looked him over slowly and looked deep in his eyes,and then looked at his wedding ring as he said: "I've known since a week before you called. You walked past us in the mall, and Rick (the out-of-commision best man), not knowing that I knew you since I was a teenager, said that you were the guy he had told me about, that he thought you were sexy, that he danced with you at the bar. Right then, I knew that I wanted you to be the one to show me." I damn near fainted!
All this time, I wanted him, but was afraid to fuck up a close relationship if he went off.
All that time he wanted to know what it was like, but was afraid of what might happen with a stranger.
All the time he was on his honeymoon, I jerked off thinking of how lucky she was to be next to him each night.
All that night we explored each other....

{Edit: Something I found that I wrote about 1999 and was on for 3 months}