Blakes7 saidJust because it apparently happened to one couple doesn't mean it happens all the time. The legal protections are in place. And if their story is true, I hope they sue the hell out of the hospital. Many in Florida are still ass-backwards.

I live in Florida and while this story is not exactly surprising, Miami is a pretty tolerant place as a whole so I'm betting this isnt an isolated incident for any place in our nation. One is reminded of the old saying, "for every time you hear about it, there are usually dozens of times you didnt." And you didnt even hear about this particular incident until I shared it.
I'm sure a lawsuit will ensue, which can get expensive because hospitals have very deep pockets and tons of insurance. If there is a fight, the lawyers will get a far larger settlement than the victims. None of that really matters while you're sitting in a hospital being treated like a third class citizen wondering if your partner is going to live or die, if they are receiving proper medical treatment from an obvious group of homophobes, if you'll get to see him/her at all, and are not being told anything about his/her condition. Money isnt always the answer.

I have to say, I think I would like to live where you live. Based on your suspicion that the story might not be true (cause the NYTimes is known for publishing completely false stories with names, locations, and dates) and your assertion that the protections are in place and this doesnt happen all the time, you must live some place where nothing bad happens to gay people and we are never discriminated against and nobody brakes the law where legal protections are concerned, and a successful lawsuit against a person, persons, or institution makes up for the death and/or mistreatment of a loved one. Where is this place exactly and why dont we all live there?