Anyone have any insight to this one out there? Very strange. Pokey Chatman is young(35) and extremely successful(105-19?) in 2 years as head coach and LSU alum. Here team will be a top seed in this year's tournament and she's got one of the most talented players in the country in 6'6" Sylvia Fowles.

To resign at this point in time it's usually one of 2 things - disagreement (or more) between players/coach or a MAJOR problem between the coach and the administration.

Rumors ranget the gamut from an "inapproapriate relationship" with a university student/athlete - possibly someone on the softball team - to a huge contract buyout by the University of Texas - who's longtime women's coach, Jody Conradt, may be retiring to make way.

Anyone done in the Bayou have any insider information?