Recently purchased heavy bag and gloves for my home gym. Have watched the video that came with the bag, but have few questions-
What, exactly am I working on when I punch the bag? I know it's good for my heart, but what other areas are targeted?
Does the use of the bag actually assist in building muscle, or is it more along the lines of stretching the muscle, as when warming up?
Also, any hints on what types of work-outs can be incorporated with the bag? As per the video instructions, I take the proper stance and punch the bag with one hand, alternating after 25 reps. I then throw in 50 1-2 punches. then back to the one hand punch..etc.
Are there any other patterns (for want of a better word) that I can incorporate into my work-outs with the bag? I stay in a stationary position with me feet, keeping one foot planted forward and the other rocking forward with each punch. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated- thanks-