Numerous studies have examined the nature of sexual attraction between the male and female sex. The theory delineates on the influences and motivating factors for basic attraction as well. But how is this applied to gay men? Is it even applicable? Let’s discuss! For those who don't know what the general theory is, I've cited material below. If you're familiar with the theory already, go ahead and scroll down to my thoughts and questions below!

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Sexual attraction is heavily influenced by the survival of the fittest. Females are more attracted to males who are likely to breed healthy offspring. In many animal populations, there is a single male who stands out and impregnates the most females.

How does this idea apply to humans? We are complex creatures, and women's judgment of who will create healthy offspring varies within and between cultures. There are many different ways that a man can be considered the alpha male. For example:

The business alpha - Some women are drawn to men who wield the most power in business. Think of tycoons like Donald Trump. Women who are attracted to this type might think that a male with a fat investment portfolio is best able to support healthy offspring.

The intellectual alpha - The intellectual alpha excels in academic environments. He may pen a brilliant dissertation or patent a chemical process. Women might consider him the sort of father who will foster their children's intellect.

The rebel alpha - This sort of alpha takes many forms. He may be a loner on a motorcycle or a gang member dominating the streets. Women might be drawn to his aura of independence and the idea that no matter what happens, he will find a way to skirt authority and provide for the family. However, after initially being attracted to this sort, many women learn that although a rebel alpha provides protection from outside, he may be a dangerous threat himself!

Philosophers have devised many more categories of alpha males, from "artistic" to "militant" to "visionary". The variety supports the idea that in human society, there is not a single way to behave that will ensure attracting a mate.

I have always wondered what drove my visceral attraction to various types of men. In search for an answer, I've tried my best to place superficialities aside. Unfortunately, my quest hasn't yielded many discoveries. I still don't understand what it is that I find attractive about men, because my attractions are VERY wide-ranging. Referencing the theory again, it suggests that females search for men which display exceptional qualities of a particular alpha male. Applying the theory to myself, my attraction to alpha males is very ambiguous. I've recognized that my attraction for certain men seems to continually shift and at times evolve (and revert) with my attitude and beliefs. Perhaps my dissonance with attraction is due to my age. I suppose I've yet to understand what it is that I desire in a man. So for the readers, I got a few questions! Now give your thoughts some time to build; if need be, reread this thread and contribute later! To keep the discussion focused, reference the theory and speak within the constraints of that idea.

Try to place superficialities aside! Which alpha male do you desire and why? Have your preferences caused a clash between desires of alpha males? I hope this makes for good discussion!