Why certain people choose one race or another to date

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    Oct 06, 2012 1:48 AM GMT

    Cracked.comBut it doesn't end there. In those first months, babies would look at an attractive person of another race for just as long as an equally hot person of their race. But within a few short months, even if shown a supermodel of a different skin color, the baby would ignore her completely. If a white baby was shown two pictures of Asian people, of any level of attractiveness, the baby would look at them the same amount of time, then get bored and look away. To that white baby, Asian people all look alike. Seriously.

    Why Did I Do That?!
    Survival. In general, attractive people have more "normal" features and therefore better genes. By staring up with your big blue eyes at the hottest person in the room, you are assuming that's your mommy, or at least hoping that turning on the charm will make her adopt you. Being raised by someone healthy gives you a better chance of living to see your first birthday. The baby-racism makes sense as well from an evolutionary perspective: It's important as you get older to know who all the people in your tribe are, but that other tribe down the way? According to the studies, all you need to know is they don't look like you. Their individual features? Irrelevant in your tiny, racist baby mind.

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    Correlate this for adult behaviour and you have: a racist dick. Literally.

    Enjoy and I hope this ends that stupid discussion.
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    Oct 07, 2012 8:17 PM GMT
    But now colored people are conditioned not to date their own people. So how do you explain?