BOXING RANT II: The Glove-Face Picture

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    Oct 10, 2012 10:56 PM GMT
    The Pic in a Profile. A man has spent years in isolated seclusion dealing with his sexuality and attraction to boxing. He finally comes to terms with it and decides to seek out other men who engage in the homosexual pugilistic aspects of the sport. He finds a combat sport themed site such as "Real Jocks" to meet men of similar caliber. AND the first thing he does is only partially fill out a profile and post a picture of himself (if he even manages to do that) with his gloves in front of his face so no one can see his mug. WTF?!?! First off this is a ridiculous pose. Secondly it shows a guy has no clue how to hold his hands in a real fight to protect himself. How is anyone supposed to be able to get a good look at you to see if they want to fight you? Of course boxers should be looking at your physique to see if they can handle you in the ring, but we all know that gay men are VISUAL creatures. I've chatted with other boxers that tell me they won't fight a particular guy because he's ugly. AGAIN WTF?!?! What difference does it make if he's not that good looking? You're planning on slamming your fists into his face and making him less attractive anyway! I guess that old saying is true. "Don't box ugly people; they have nothing to lose in a fight." Still, what are you hiding from?

    Now of course some MOOK wrestler(s) or masked Luchador(s) is going to read this and add his unwanted two cents to the rant. For them I say, this is directed at Glove-Faced boxers NOT wrestlers in any way shape or form. Yes, there is an appeal to masked Lucha, but we're not talking about masked boxing. A boxer wants to see the damage he inflicts on his opponent. He wants to leave marks on his opponents face to let the world know that the other guy has been in a fight and did not fare well against him.

    I will say this. I've noticed that usually older boxers or rather middle-aged men and up are the only types of boxers that do this in their profile. DUDE! Why are you hiding? With the advent of TV, more and more proud gay men and women athletes are coming out every day. Of course, I can't guarantee, but I doubt your true family and friends would ostracize you because of this. They would be like "Hhmm… I didn't know. But it's cool." Being a gay boxer only vilifies your existence. You DO like Hitting on men! All of my sparring partners are str8 and they know about me. I'm the 2nd toughest boxer in the gym, only the professional fighter is better. What are my opponents gonna do, kick my ass? NOT!

    NOTE: Real Jocks is a login site. If someone outs you it means they had to have logged in created a profile and snooped around just to find you. Which means they're bi or gay too.

    As I get off my soapbox, I'll leave you with this. If you love the sport of boxing take pride in it. Be proud of yourself that you've come this far in your pugilistic journey to have the ability to face off against other men and test your physical and mental fortitude in the squared circle. You will only become a stronger boxer and a better man for it. Your sexuality does not make you any less of a warrior in the ring.
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    Oct 11, 2012 7:20 AM GMT
    I know it means calling them out - so to speak... but any examples? Just wondering.
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    Oct 11, 2012 9:13 AM GMT
    Just read your post and saw the ONE response. So frustrating!
    Oh and I forgot to add you as a buddy, so I rectified that. Guess I deserve a jab to the face. What's that? Yer seeing stars and feel dizzy? Oh that would be my 180 Roundhouse kick to your right jaw.
    Hehehehehe.....gotcha my friend!
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    Oct 11, 2012 11:03 AM GMT
    Im not a fighter myself, however I do know some elite boxers, who are also Personal Trainers, like Me, just that they specialise in different areas.

    I agree completely with what you said.

    In fighter environments, people respect you for being tough, and good at what you one cares about sexuality if you are good. Its a respect thing.

    Also, any one on here is likely to be Gay or Bi, so if they see you, they are in the game too...........

    Many Men, will put up a photo with Gloves, as it looks tough...I also dont understand covering your however hot a guys body is, face for most of us, is first and foremost...
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    Oct 11, 2012 11:05 AM GMT

    From my experiences, most people Gay or St8 are Visual creatures, We just are more open about it...........
    My straight clients will comment that they want an attractive looking muscle model body, so they notice the visuals as much as any Gay Man............they just dont say it, for fear of what people will think........

    Women, are very very visual, they again just dont admit it as much........
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    Oct 12, 2012 3:03 AM GMT
    WOW! Gents... Love the responses! I will fully respond tomorrow after I've crafty some appreciative witty come backs, LOL!

    For now be sure to read my first BOXER RANT @ and leave further comments.
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    Oct 12, 2012 11:35 PM GMT
    Again, Gentlemen, I appreciate the acknowledgement of my cause(s). I was going to point out the lack of responses tells one of two things. 1 – Many of the men reading my RANT are the ones who post pics like this. 2 – Many others reading this have accepted those kinds of pics as the norm. Such, should not be the case.

    @Manboynyc – I'm going to take the higher ground here and not publicize names but you can email me directly and I will convey the necessary information.

    @Glixxer1K – I have "buddied" you too my new friend. FYI, don't threaten me with a good time unless you're ready to step in the square circle with me. My uppercut is equally as devastating as your round house kick. I recommend not getting hit by it or you'll be looking up at me from the canvas wondering how you got there.

    @BarryPT – Thanks for the informative data. I've always suspected as such about women. Still the interesting fact is that men pay more attention to their appearance than women and gossip more than women.

    Stay tuned for my next exciting RANT! Same Boxing Author, Same Real Jocks Website.

    PS – If you have a topic or RANT you want me to speak on feel free to email me directly and I'll address it shortly.