Missed Opportunities by Biden

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    Oct 12, 2012 10:05 PM GMT
    This was shared on Facebook.

    "What was missing in last night's debate is that Joe Biden missed an opportunity.

    Paul Ryan made the point that the democrats had two years of controlling both houses of congress. Joe should have called him out and said that between Ted Kennedy's death and Joe Lieberman and Arlen Spector, the dems only had 24 working d
    ays of filibuster-proof congress and during that time, passed the Affordable Health Care act.

    Paul Ryan kept talking about Obama not practicing bipartisanship and a Romney administration would. Bullshit. The republican party has been practicing deliberately obstructionist politics for four years. Biden should have pointed that out.

    And finally, Biden should have pointed out that the republicans in 2010 campaigned on jobs, but in the last two years, no jobs bills have come out of the republican controlled house -- but 30 anti-abortion bills have. It was bait-and-switch, and Biden should have asked Ryan point blank if that was the game plan this time around.

    Nevertheless, he still did a good job."
  • HottJoe

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    Oct 12, 2012 10:25 PM GMT
    Fortunately, anyone who's been paying attention for the last two years already knows that the republicans in congress have been obstructionists. I think Biden held Ryan accountable for his embarrassing record in congress, at least enough so that you could see Ryan visibly squirm.

    As for jobs, the numbers are already headed in the right direction. And on the abortion issue, it's crystal clear now to women that Romeny/Ryan want to control their uteruses.

    The democrats have already won on substance. Hopefully, voters will see through the republican's scare tactics and this whole disaster can be swept under the rug after the election.