Travel update part 2

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    Oct 13, 2012 3:19 PM GMT
    Okay so for anyone who remotely interested on has any travel advice to put through, that would be great.

    Here is part 1:

    So I think the itinerary planned so far is the following:
    From Sydney to L.A, then from L.A straight to Orlando. A dreaded 20 hour flight.

    Then spending 12 days 11 nights in Orlando in which we will be seeing Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens or Sea World.
    I don't think we have time to see all of the theme parks and certainly Walt Disney World we won't be able to see entirely, we were thinking of maybe going to 4/6 parks in Walt Disney World.
    Spending 2-3 days for Universal Studios and then either Sea World or Busch Gardens.
    The 12 days will be broken up with random things like shopping, site seeing, or just relaxing days between visiting theme parks.

    From Orlando to Buffalo just to see the Niagara Falls which I think we'll literally only be there to arrive, sleep, see the falls, go back and sleep and then head back to see the rest of NY.
    We'll spend the rest of the 4 days in NY, not sure what we're doing really. I think mostly site seeing and shopping again.

    NYC to Las Vegas to see the Grand Canyon, and then I have no idea what else. We'll be there for 3 nights and then heading back to L.A.

    In L.A for a remaining 4-5 days to see relatives, do some more shopping and do a 4 day tour that we got when purchasing our tickets as part of a package and we decided to use it at the end of the trip.

    After that I'm solo for 1 week and am not sure what to do in that week.
    I thought of going San Francisco to go for the Alcatraz Tour and other sites unless anyone else has an idea of what would be good to do solo.

    Sorry for the really annoyingly long post, I think that's the basic itinerary run down but for you U.S citizens out there, what do you think so far of the schedule?

    Appreciate any replies, lol go ahead and flame even as long as it's funny icon_smile.gif
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    Oct 13, 2012 5:23 PM GMT
    Hey mate ,
    As a Queenslander working in the U.S and living part-time in the Tampa Bay Area , i think you should shorten your stay in Orlando , rent a car and drive to Key-West stay 2 or 3 days and enjoy the beach , you won't regret it . By pass Miami on your way-back , drive on A1 and go visit Cap Canaveral . When you are back to Orlando , take a day and drive to Mount Dora , one of the only hill in Florida , beautiful lake , antics shops , nice quiet and relaxing day .
    When you are in L.V , don't forget to go visit the Dam , just beautiful !
    On your way to S.F , stop in Morro-Bay ..
    Enjoy your trip mate !!
    Btw , what airline are you flying with ?
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    Oct 13, 2012 5:38 PM GMT
    Hey neffa, thanks for the reply.
    We were planning to stay in Orlando longer but we already cut it down.

    My sister just got married back in August and so this trip is partly my splurged wedding gift for her so the itinerary has alot to do with what she wants.
    She really wanted a rollercoaster theme park trip, and then catching places she didn't get to see on her last trip to the U.S.
    The Mount Dora sounds really nice and I do love antique shops (horrible confession, I do like watching the antique road show).

    Will definitely try seeing the dam as well in L.V.

    Miami I think we'll pass because on her last trip she spent a good amount of time there and got to visit a ton of other famous beaches.

    I might visit them myself on my solo week at the end if I haven't spent too much on shopping haha (yes, shopping is a weakness of mine).

    If I do end up going S.F I will definitely try seeing Morro bay.

    We are flying with Virgin.

    Thanks again mate! icon_smile.gif
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    Oct 13, 2012 6:08 PM GMT
    Trying to spend 11 out of 12 days in Orlando at Disney and Universal is insanity. Those days are EXHAUSTING. you spend the whole day walking around and waiting in line, constantly having to navigate around other people, strollers, wheelchairs etc. You only sit down for the crappy food or when you watch a show.
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    Oct 14, 2012 1:29 AM GMT
    Hey bhp91126, we are spending a total of 11 nights 12 days in Orlando but we are mixing it up with the theme parks as well as shopping and relaxing days.

    For Disney World we aren't going to see the entire place, maybe a maximum of 4 of the 6 theme parks they have in it, but Universal Studios I'll at least try see the whole of.
    It probably will be tiring but we put it at the start of the trip so the later half we can have as a more relaxing part.

    Although tbh we can shop for a really long time too haha, but it's cool it'll just be a cardio filled holiday haha.

    Thanks for your insight though. We might actually be saving money by making our own food to bring on some days, just like sandwiches and stuff.