(We're back!!)

Finally he says, "Whatever, that's cool".

Meanwhile, we are both just sweating our asses off. "Hey," he says, "You want to take a break and take a dip in the pool."

"Hell yeah," I quickly respond. "Let's go!"

So I go change into some board shorts and when i get back down, he's by the pool just wearing his speedo again. "There is a God," I say to myself.

We both jump in and start tossing a football back and forth. He 'accidentally' throws the ball over my head and when i turn to get it he races up behind me and gets me in a brutal bear hug. Not expecting it, i let a big "ughhhh" out and struggle to catch my breath.

He's relentless. He keeps squeezing and thrashing me back and forth. Damn he's strong. Much stronger than i expected.

After a few minutes, stuck in his bear hug, I swear a can feel his boner against my ass. "What the hell," I think to myself.

Now, it's obvious that's what it is. He's pressing himself harder and harder to me. I can feel it big time.

So I struggle some more and I can finally feel his grip loosening. Right when I'm about to break free, he slings me under water.

But that also makes it harder to hang on. I turn my body in a 180 and now we're facing each other. I immediately put him into my own bear hug. Now we're both squeezing. (And, I might add, crotch to crotch.)

Tyler's boner is still going strong and now i begin to feel a little twitch of my own working down below. Sweet (I hope).

Stay tuned for more!!