Help… was my silicone a bad idea?

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    Oct 13, 2012 6:52 PM GMT
    Hello, I was motivated to ask this here because I have noticed loads of guys that say they belong somewhere in the range from masc to alpha masc – which I don’t usually find in my daily deeds with people. From these demographics, my question seems likely to receive useful insight here. Thanks in advance!

    So, two months ago I had my first drill ever.

    My mission was to install a wire curtain (Dignitet by Ikea). Living in the basement makes it easy for bystanders to see into my bedroom icon_neutral.gif, and finally decided to get to grips with that.

    After an hour of figuring out how to start it, I did. The thing went through about two inches of wall coating. Thereafter there was some empty space (about another two inches), after that there was masonry, which I didn´t drill.

    So I had the right holes in the right places.

    Although the screws fit well enough to not let the support frames come out, once I placed the curtain, the screws would come halfway out due to the weight of the cloth (it’s all white and red stripes, will look great for Christmas!!).

    Then, I had this idea icon_idea.gif of using this ´bathroom-and-kitchen-grade’ silicone I had got from my previous home improvement adventure – which ended well!!. I plastered the screws in that stuff, and then sent them in. Silicone is drying as of now…

    Now I ask, prediction or experience-wise, whether this was a good idea? Also, is this a normal cause for a landlord to take money from a deposit? icon_eek.gif I paid for the curtain!

    Anyway, that machine was fun to use, and I’m feeling like a survivor regarding this deal! I was actually listening to that ancient song Survivor by Beyoncé lol icon_razz.gif.

    Thanks again!
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    Oct 13, 2012 7:00 PM GMT