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    Oct 16, 2012 2:16 PM GMT
    If god had intended men to get fucked he would have given them a hole in their ass.
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    Oct 16, 2012 7:38 PM GMT
    yourname2000 said
    Genuinity said
    yourname2000 said
    meninlove said
    Genuinity saidYour sarcasm is interesting. I do think you understood my points. You just refused to accept it and think that it is not a big deal. After all the rainbow flag is behind your smile if you know what i mean icon_neutral.gif

    Genuinity, I think you have the mistaken impression that no one here has ever discussed this with medical professionals.

    The guy has confused "sphincter" with "colon" and "laxitive" with "lube"....we're a long way off from a "professional" here, much less a medical one, lol.

    I beg to differ. Close to the end of your colon, there is an anal sphincter..........also people sometimes used laxative to empty their colon before anal sex. Other wise there will be feces during sex.....that is so distasteful.

    Really? Name someone who uses a laxative to empty their colon before anal sex? hahahahahha! And it's the colon that has a lining....your sphincter (you have at least 3 of these things, btw) does not.

    You literally don't have "a fucking clue", lol. icon_lol.gif

    And I'll bet there are actual medical professionals in might want to schedule a session. I'm wondering what other bodily functions you're confused about. icon_biggrin.gif Bare minimum, you should at least post some third party sources....lest we all think you're just talking "out of your ass", hahahaha! icon_biggrin.gif (I couldn't resist. icon_lol.gif )

    Now really, I've had enough fun at your's just getting sad at this point. So post away, I'm not going to bump your lil' thread anymore.

    Google anal sphincter and read it up before you put it on here. You sound so smart with this messageicon_rolleyes.gif I guess this message really show me the intelligence for your age......If you really look at the total of my post, I don't care if you bump it or not. Sorry if I put smudges on your gay beliefs.