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Population of US that is Jewish –

Jews Total US pop. %
Total 6,588,065 308,745,538 2.1%

A Gallup poll identified 3.2% of Americans as LGBT, and discovered surprising trends in demographics. (Reported in Advocate, Oct. 18, 2002: The GBBT population is probably larger than this, owing to the reluctance of many to come out.

The Family Research Council (listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an extremist hate group) had this to say: “For years, these 3.4% have seemed to enjoy 100% accommodation. As a community, they've gone out of their way to demand special treatment — even trampling the freedom and values of the other 97% to secure it. This may be a tiny fraction of the population, but they are quite literally rewriting history.”

It seems that equality is based on percentages. I wonder what our Jewish – LGBT or not - brothers have to say?