In Need of a great weight loss plan

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    Aug 31, 2008 8:10 PM GMT
    I'm looking for exercises mostly. Since I usually don't eat a ton anymore, I need some good tips and maybe even a full guide on how I should loose all my flab and get some nice muscle tone to hide my skin that's just hanging there.
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    Sep 01, 2008 5:44 AM GMT

    First off, I used to think it was hard to advise people on losng weight because I've never been heavy. However, I never thought about all the times I had trouble gaining weight because my diet was too low and my cardio was too high. My biggest vice is walking, I love to do it. Walking is a fire starter, It revs up everything. It's the first thing I recommend overweight people do. I know it may seem difficult at first, but even if you can only walk a half of a block for the first week , do it. Then by the next week, you should be able to complete a block. I think eventually a good solid hour of walking atleast five days a week will start to melt the fat away. You'll be surprised.

    I really wish I was there. Walking is so easy and so effective for burning fat, but overweight people donot do it because they are ashamed and feel people are making sport of them. I can advise you recruit the aid of a friend because, yes, that first walk, you'll be puffing like an old engine. People may find it funny. However, why care? Those people may scoff now, but won't mean much later when you've completed your goals. However, for the most part, people may not be paying as much attention as you think, just do what you need to do for you.

    So, began the walking. If you add some weight training to this, you are combating a problem the weight loss from the walking will cause, hanging skin. You lift and walk, you are tightening that loose skin up as it's being caused. Overweight people, when I help them in the gym, I always concentrate on arms first. Because, if I can build their arms up to were it is a visual positive they can show, the long time it takes to build up the midsection won't drag. Still, the whole body is shedding fast so if up to me, I'd have you doing whole body exercises like squats and deadlifts. Still, your body and you have lost touch with eachother, I think the best exercises to rebuild you guys' friendship are ones that don't involve weight. if I were helping you, I'd have you pushing up, pulling up, and sitting up. But ofcourse, have you lifting plenty weight too.

    2 sets of eight to start.
    Dumbbell Curls: stand straight, chest up, back straight, knees slightly bent ( don't lock them), legs shoulder width apart. Your max weight is anything you can pull for eight reps comfortably. Put the dumbells in your hands. Think about hot men and ten seconds up and five down. This is superslow, you can speed it up to five/five, but I recommend 10/5. It will wake your body up.

    Concentration curls with dumbells: stand the same, but with a curl bar with enough wiehgt you can lift for eight reps comfortably.

    Negative Pull-Up: climb to the top of the bar like you just completed one pull up, except hold briefly and lower in five seconds. You may not be able to do one of these. I'd be content with you grasping the bar and trying. Don't know how tall you are, but stand on something and grab the bar, with your feet securely planted pull up. Ofcourse, a buddy to hold you can come in handy here, a strong buddy, lol.

    Tricep extension: sit on a bench with a back, Grasp a dumbell with both hands, like you made a whole with both hands, put the dumbell through it and are holding on now, with it behind your head. Use a partner for this.

    Tricep Machine: read directions

    Reverse curl: grip a curl bar with your hands pointed down and hoist it up, you should be feeling the burn now, baby.

    Wrist Curl: sit with forearm over knee and hold the weight and curl with wrist.

    Reverse Wrist Curl: do the same except wrist down now.

    4 way neck: take about a ten pound plate, put a barrier between your head and the plate (a towel). hold the plate steady and slowly bend the neck to resist. You can do this for ways. A funner way to do this is to have a friend press against your head, not too hard though and you lean forward ar at whatever angle to make the resistance.

    Shrug: Hold dumbells in each hand, shrug up and down. Remember, 7 or 10 up and five down.

    Negative Shrug: hold dumbells at sides and try to lift your chest and traps up. You aren't going anywhere, but try.

    This sequence I have provided is excellent for the neck, traps, and forearms. 3 parts of you that will start to fill out and take attention away from your belly.

    I got more but, babe, I gotta go to bed. Try the walking dear, and this routine, it ougtha fuck you if you do it right, ofcourse, if I explained the exercises weird, consult staff.