Sinful Thoughts at WORK

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    Oct 21, 2012 5:12 PM GMT
    Ahem long story short there is a young man that comes in at my place of employment. Found out he was venezuelan and needed help with some computers (this is a student job working for uni.) Now when he first stepped through I was like I want him.....on my face. Yes he is that gorgeous, and had a dazzling smile etc etc. and his ACCENT just hit me way to hard. So after helping him (the whole time I probably was smiling like a moron) with his problem he had a personal computer problem and I offered to take a look at it. It was an apple computer. After messing around for a bit found the solution and next thing you know the guy gives me the biggest hug ever. He smelled like he had just extracted himself from the shower, and their is nothing that turns me on more than that irish spring after shower smell.

    Now that of course left me all bashful and excited so I excused myself and ran behind the recepetionist desk. He shook my hand again and I will say the whole time I could only thing of was how to get into his pants. It was bad....very bad. This was my first time like meeting someone face to face that left me breathless and horny like that and we had not even done ANYTHING I dont even know him! (Well I do know his name now) BUT SERIOUSLY. Has anyone ever had that encounter? and have you ever just seen someone in the workplace whether it be employee or customer that just TURNED YOU ON to the 90 degrees of Farenheit so much your sitting their hoping your not sweating your nervous horny self to death?

    Feel free to share.
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    Oct 21, 2012 5:30 PM GMT
    Oh gurl you crushing hard on mah boo!

    (love talking about these kinds of things on Guild Wars 2)

    But, on the subject matter. I did experience this. Now, I work in a wonderful catering, so I get to meet new clients and travel places to places.
    One event took place in a theatre. No, not the movie type theatre, this is one of those fancy opera type ones. The function was about an opening gala, if I remember correctly. This was about 2 years ago or so.

    Anyways, fast forward, I was in the kitchen cooking, and it got busy all of a sudden. They needed more people serving the food and I was already done cooking, so I changed to my other uniform; black dress shirt, black tie, and black dress pants. I didn't get to meet the other part of catering crew (we came in bunch but with different schedule and there's a lot of people in it) and lo and behold, this incredibly sexy guy, about my height, dark brown hair, muscular frame, and just oozing with charisma. I was smitten! Normally, I'm shy when it comes to meeting with new people, but there was something that made me walk up to him and introduce myself. I told him I was one of the chef, and was told that they (the servers), needed an extra hand. As I shook his hand, he had the tightest grip ever, I almost fainted right there and then! Yeah, I know, pretty gay right?

    The whole night was so busy, we barely saw each other. I was afraid I wouldn't have the chance to see him and talk to him again. But, as I was about to head back to the car, he approached me. We started talking about this particular event, and how busy it was tonight. I asked him where he lives, he said Maple, which is about an hour or so north from the event. He went on about how it was far from home and that he was tired the entire evening. He also mentioned that he works as an electrician when he's not in the catering business. I thought that was cool, a handy skill to have.
    After that, we parted ways. But, we exchanged numbers and became friends from then on.
    He is in Cancun, Mexico right now for a vacation. I'm planning to go next summer but in Asia, and he might come with me. So, that's exciting!

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    Oct 21, 2012 5:33 PM GMT
    Thats mah man! (the venezuelan gurl)

    haha wowzah. That is why I try to be all hands on and helpful at whatever work enviorment I am in you just never know who you'll met. Or what random hot new friend you'll pick up xD