BOXER'S RANT III: The Aged Warrior

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    Oct 22, 2012 11:20 PM GMT
    Okay, it's official, I'm a blogger. I had only hoped to respond to msgs from my earlier posts left by interested parties but it seems I've developed something of a fan base. And they've asked to me to speak on other topics. I'm already a writer so I suppose this is just part of my nature. I just didn't want to be one of those guys that was seen as simply bitching about stuff. I'm truly only looking to make guys aware of the inconsistencies and lies of other individuals so they will be better prepared to deal with them.

    Okay so this one is for all fighters. How many times have you been perusing through profiles and see a guy you'd like to fight? You check out his profile and see commonalities including fight genre. Next you contact him and low and behold he responds. The two of you setup a meeting time & place. Eventually comes the time to meet in person. NOTE: Eight out of ten meetings from online sites never happen. You wait for the guy in a shop, a gym or some other public local. Around the appointed meeting time an older gentleman approaches you. Briefly you say to yourself, "Who is this old guy?" Until the facial recognition software in your brain kicks in and you realize this IS the guy you were supposed to meet. Problem is he's like 15 to 20 years older than any picture you've ever seen. WTF?!?! Unless you're rude, a prick or just plain mean and leave right there you decide to converse with the guy only to confirm your suspicions.
    Guys, THIS IS WRONG! Putting up pics of yourself from your hey-day when you currently look nothing like this IS WRONG! It is the same as LYING! NOT TELLING your intended interest is a LIE of Omission and a LIE of Omission is still a LIE! Worse still is when the pictures are of a well built or conditioned guy that looks like he can give you a decent run for your money and would be fun to punch, roll, grapple or whatever.
    For those that came out late in life, I'm truly sorry it took this long, but you've made it. You took that final step to be comfortable in yourself, who you are and your sport. Now it's time to be honest with others. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of older fighters out there, thus I understand why you pretend to visually be your younger self. But this is not an excuse to mislead others. You'd be surprised at how many guys like to fight older dudes. I know of a few young boxers that will only fight "Daddy" types or "Daddy" looking boxers. In spite of my age, it's a category I do not fall in, . To each his own I say, many of us have preferences.
    Again take pride in your age, you've come this far in life and have a considerable amount of experience and abilities that others can only benefit from. I'm often asked to spar with kids three times younger than me to help them improve. My skill level allows me to fight a multitude of guys with varying skill levels, thus I'm in demand. You'll be in demand to once guys realize how much you have to offer.
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    Nov 08, 2012 4:34 AM GMT
    I have to say I'm surprised that no one has commented on this topic even though I know for a fact this occured to many. Nevertheless I will move forward. Be sure to check out my next RANT!
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    Nov 18, 2012 9:14 PM GMT
    I agree 100%, you have to wonder at what level of self delusion guys live, that think they can post decades old pics, then assume they are gonna get away with it when they meet in real life. I have no issue with older guys, I like to box guys older or around my age, but just be honest!