Phobia in the Key of C? Large Kansas Church Boots Volunteer Keyboardist for... You Guessed It...

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    Oct 24, 2012 3:18 AM GMT

    Kansas City Star(Chad Graber's) playing caught the ear of other worship leaders at CrossPoint, the largest church in Hutchinson, boasting some 1,400 members.

    It wasn’t long before Graber joined the Saturday worship band. For nearly four years he played in both worship groups.

    But last November, before a rehearsal, two church leaders pulled him aside. With a serious look and hushed tone, senior pastor Andy Addis had one question: Are you gay?

    Graber had told few people that he is gay. He is not an effeminate man. He had no partner. But the gay inside him, the feelings that first emerged in elementary school, refused to go away. Despite all his boyhood and adult prayers. Despite all the partying and drugs later as he tried to ignore who he was.

    He’d prayed for healing from all of it. He is clean and sober.

    But the gay stayed.

    Graber learned a fellow member complained. Addis told him homosexuals couldn’t be leaders in church, even playing keyboards as a volunteer sideman. The minister worried too that his presence might prompt a troubled Christian to do something to hurt him.

    “But he told me he’d love for me to keep going to church services,” says Graber. And other gays do attend there.

    To Graber, it felt like a demotion and a shunning. If he kept attending but wasn’t playing, others would want to know why. He would either have to out himself or lie.

    There’s no such thing as partial acceptance in my view, he thought.

    He left.

    Praise (insert deity of choice here... or, "common sense"!)
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    Oct 24, 2012 9:33 AM GMT
    That was a weird way to be supportive of this guy. Obviously a PR move over any faith and acceptance came into play. Empty values churches like this keep me from looking for a church, cause I'd be lying to myself for their sense of superiority. I almost lost my mind cause I couldn't up and do what that pianist did on the spot. Cheers to him, for walking what he Believed, knowing what he Believes, and choosing what was Good between him and his Faith. Wish I could've been a part of his church, cause I'd walked out with him!