Since it is election season, Gizmo would appreciate your votes.

His platform:
1) Cut taxes on dog food, doggie daycare, grooming services, and toys
2) Gizmocare For All Dogs (Sorry, Cats...You represent the 1%);
3) Quality Obedience Training With Small Classroom Sizes;
4) Equal Pay For All Bitches;
5) Get Out Of Afganistan (Do You Know How Fast The Water Bowls Dry-up in that kind of Heat....Oh and we got Bin Laden);
6) Increase Food Stamps To Include Sweet Potato and Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits;
7) Get Rid Of Don't Ask, Don't Tell At Doggie Daycare/Boarding - I mean it is 2012 People - Everyone Deserves To Find Love;
icon_cool.gif Pro-Choice (I should have the choice if I want my nut sack taken out or not);
9) Promote Peace Around The World (Sniffing Butts Will Tell You If They Are About Peace or War...Hey It Works For Me....PS: Stay clear of the Russian Sheepdog...Those Bitches Think There Is A Cold War Still Going On);
10) No More Dressing Up Your Dogs...We Already Have Coats On...It's Called Fur Assholes...And Do I Really Look Like I Want This Dumbass Hat On My Head.

I appreciate your vote!